Big spending second year offers £15 to freshers for unpacking all her bags

In return she promises ‘great company’

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A lazy undergrad is offering Birmingham freshers £15 to anyone dumb enough to clean her room and unpack her bags. 

The Selly Oak resident is offering £15 and “great company” to the person who can make her bed and throw all the rubbish away.

She insists you are efficient, good at cleaning and very organised.


She posted in the Birmingham Freshers’ Facebook group where she already had quite a few offers on the table.

One offer said: “I am extremely efficient, but I am curious as to why I’d need to be a good cleaner if the room is new? Organised? You betcha! The main duties seem reasonable.

“If you can give me a whole £15, your room is safe with me.”

A very willing student

They received a promising response, when Sophie said: “Please do find your way into my personal messages.”

With an agreed deal looking likely between these two, another student and their friend offered a new proposal – £10 each, but with two people the room would obviously be finished at an earlier date.

We believe negotiations are still ongoing.

Top negotiating

Top negotiating

Speaking to The Tab, Brum second year Suzanne Stone said: “Anyone who’s only paying £15 for me to sort their life out is not good company.”

Third year Lexi Rowan Harvey added: “It takes me at least four hours to unpack and tidy, which would mean an hourly wage of £3.75, no thank you!”

The problem for most people seems to be the matter of money, but for third year Riyah Collins, the offer is ridiculous on every level.

Riyah said: “Is this for real? This person is basically looking for a little bitch and if anyone willing to degrade themselves for £15 and ‘great company’, should seriously reevaluate their life.

“I’d maybe do it for £50, but only if whoever posted this is physically incapable of doing it themselves.

“If you’re too lazy to unpack your stuff yourself heaven knows how you’re going to make it through a degree, or how you even made it this far for that matter.

“Can we find out what the application process is? I’d be really interested to know if any of us would have the qualifications and experience for such an important role.”

Third year Dan White rounded things up nicely. He said “To paraphrase Meatloaf, I would do dirty, disgusting and depraved things for £15, but I won’t do that.”