Brum staff to strike again

Some UoB staff will be striking again tomorrow because of an on-going pay row.

Birmingham uni staff will ditch lectures for the day as they strike over low pay.

Having striked once already this semester, staff are set to walk out once again if the “pay row is not resolved”.

Four  trade unions across the country have announced they plan to strike on Tuesday, affecting universities nationwide.

Last time the strikes fell on Halloween, giving many students a free day to nurse their post-Monday Madness/Urban hangover.

strike 3

This time the strike is planned for a Tuesday, so make the most of your bonus day. The Tab recommends:

  • Hitting up Gatecrasher/The Hub/Urban or wherever tonight, then spending all of Tuesday in bed
  • Spending a boozy day at the German Market. (Much warmer than going at night)
  • Joining the picket line with your favourite pet (see above)
  • Take a day trip to Cadbury World
  • Setting up a cake stall to nourish those angry strikers and make a few bob whilst you’re there


Defend Education have compiled a video on why you should attend the protest tomorrow: