QUIZ: Plan a big night out and we’ll tell you what kind of housemate you are

If you know what ‘minesweeping’ is, I’m disgusted and also a bit impressed

I heard off a friend of a friend that one day pandemic restrictions might be lifted and we will all bound gloriously into the sunlight, mixing in groups of seven. Our phones will be free from the track-and-trace app and our chins will be naked – sans face mask.

This reality is arguably within touching distance, considering the Oxford and Pfizer coronavirus vaccines are currently being rolled out across the UK. Whilst big nights out are on hold indefinitely, it definitely doesn’t hurt to dream about how the first big night could go. That sweet first sip of the Jagerbomb provides a flicker of hope to guide us through the dark winter months ahead.

Take this quiz to find out what kind of housemate you are, depending on how you would plan a big night out. A typical Fiat 500 queen might plan a cocktails-and-gossip session with their closest friends, soaking in the less-than-two-metre distance like a true social butterfly. The craziest students with immune systems of pure titanium indulge in the sport of ‘minesweeping’ – finishing off the last dregs of any drinks they find unattended at the bar. In a post-Covid world, this practice might become more common considering that the vaccine likely won’t be available for several months for students. A small dose of everyone else’s bodily fluids may well turbocharge your immunity and perhaps you’ll never be ill again.

So go ahead, plan your big night out from start to finish, and we’ll tell you once-and-for-all what kind of housemate you are. It’s highly scientific:

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