UCAS told a fresher to dump his girlfriend before he goes to uni

The magazine had a ‘what not to take section’ which included ‘school boyfriend/girlfriend’

Lauren Rosenbaum, 18, should be dumped by her boyfriend before he goes to uni, according to UCAS.

The fashion blogger from Fife, Scotland, was concerned when UCAS told her boyfriend it was better to live uni life “as a free agent” in a freshers’ magazine.

The fashion blogger tweeted the image of the magazine which had a “what not to take” section, including “school boyfriend/girlfriend”. Along with the image she tweeted “Why the fk did UCAS send this to my bf. Trying to steal my man I don’t think so”.

Lauren told The Tab: “I’m not angry about the leaflet despite what most news articles say, I found it really funny and know loads of couples that have stayed together through uni, so it doesn’t phase me. We have no intention of breaking up when he leaves.”

The advice from the magazine was: “Uni is all about new experiences and meeting new people, so save the heartache now and start your university life as a free agent. Trust me, you won’t regret it.”

Lauren’s boyfriend Max is heading to Napier University and she hopes to follow him there in 2017.

She is confident that they will stay together and her tweet, which got thousands of likes and retweets, sparked debate online about uni relationships, including a lot of supportive comments for the couple. People told stories of how they stayed together through uni, some have even got married.

A UCAS spokesman said the piece was written by an independent journalist for a publication called The Source. They added: “We didn’t write the advice and think students are savvy enough to make their own decisions about what is right for them.

“If they do want some advice on getting into university after their results on Thursday then we’ll be more than happy to help. We wish everyone luck when they log on to Track at 8am to find out how they got on. It’s worth noting we are a charity and students have the power to stop receiving any emails they don’t want from us at any time.”