We spoke to the plus-sized bloggers changing the face of British fashion

Style isn’t determined by your clothing size


As a “plus-size” girl, I have long been aware of the fact that fashion is still predominantly skewed towards slim women. Body shaming is everywhere in the media, telling us that people who look a certain way should stay away from shorts or crop tops. Some idiotic people think that plus-sized models being in the media promotes ‘unhealthy lifestyles’. Bollocks to that, you can look fierce whatever shape you are.

Plus-size blogging has really gained momentum, all over the world. Women of all sizes are able to stand up and be counted in a way that they weren’t able to before. By championing plus-size fashion, and showcasing women such as these bloggers, hopefully the mainstream fashion industry will be more accepting of people who don’t look like the ‘typical’ model.

Shouldn’t fashion be about inclusiveness? I certainly think so, and so do these lovely ladies who prove that being stylish isn’t dependent on your clothing size, it’s a state of mind. I spoke to a range of British fashion bloggers, to show that plus-size fashion has empowered women of all backgrounds, as well as all shapes and sizes.

Lottie L’amour

How would you describe your style?

I’d say I’m a mix of street fashion with a vintage edge – I always like to give a little nod to bygone eras in my styling, whether it’s a 60’s shift dress or a headscarf and a slick of red lippy. I’m obsessed with 90s fashion at the moment so I’m living in cami dresses and chokers.

What is your absolute favourite piece you own?

My favourite piece of clothing would have to be either my rainbow sequin kimono (which I’m yet to blog about) or a rainbow mermaid sequin dress I have. I just love bright colours and glitter and standing out from the crowd, so these pieces really help me do that.

What would you say to other women who maybe feel they “can’t” wear certain things?

The only person saying that you “can’t” wear something is you – the world won’t stop if you chuck a crop top on or get your arms out or wear a skin tight dress. You have to do what you need to do to live your best life, and if doing that is getting more flesh out, then do it.

Life is too short to censor yourself, you are beautiful and incredible and part of life’s rich tapestry, so stick on that body con dress and learn to love your lumps and bumps – life is easier when you do.


 How would you describe your style?

My style is based around streetwear. Online streetwear groups have influenced me a lot and I think that’s what really changed my style. A few of my favourite brands have to be Stussy, Carhartt, CDG, Palace and Adidas – I’ve been wearing Stussy since I turned 13 so it’s kind of stuck with me.

Travelling has also helped me to find my style, I took so much inspiration just walking around the streets of Amsterdam and London as every person has an individual look which I can pick and choose from for myself.


What’s your absolute favourite piece you own?

At the moment it’s my Basement ‘Blood Tee’, the design is just crazy, I love the Japanese theme so much. As it’s a white top it goes really well with so many other items in my wardrobe.


What is your fashion pet hate?

I really dislike the hype around designs such as Vetements and their DHL tops/Royal Mail/ and the long oversized sleeves in jumpers. I don’t really understand why you would pay hundreds to look like a postman or a delivery guy.


How would you describe your style?
My style is pretty casual to be honest, however I’m an absolute ASOS Curve fanatic. Their pieces are so on trend and so current and I’m a huge fan of accentuating and not “flattering” or hiding my curves.

What is your absolute favourite piece you own?

My ASOS Curve Peach Minimal Jumpsuit is my current fave. It’s comfortable, versatile and really suits my skin tone.

What would you say to women out there who feel they ”can’t” wear certain things?

You can wear whatever you want. It’s not a question of whether you can or can’t, It’s a question of whether you want to. The key is trying to live unapologetically and living in your truth. If your truth involves wearing a body con dress or a crop top, then so be it. You don’t have to answer to anyone for whatever you decide to wear. As long as it makes you feel good, then you can wear it.


How would you describe your style?
I would say my style is comfy casual with added pops of colour, my most worn outfits are skinny jeans, cami tops and some kind of printed longline shirt or a Bardot top. My favourite brands at the moment are River Island Plus who are smashing it in terms of plus size fashion lately, Yours Clothing, ASOS and New Look Curve.
 What’s your absolute favourite piece you own?

Bardot has been a huge this trend this summer and I have to say my favourite most favourite piece at the moment is my floral print bardot midi dress from New Look.

What’s your fashion pet hate?

I don’t have a pet hate as such, I just wish more brands would cater for all sizes on the high street. I do a majority of my clothes shopping online and often wish I had more high street choices available to me.