Derrieres or Descartes? Intelligence is obviously more important than being fit

Looks fade, dumb is forever

When hunting down your significant other, boys, we know you can’t help but hone in on those melons or double tap on that peachy bum. We get that fleeky eyebrows, and chiselled cheekbones twang your thang and resisting those six-metre long pins is pretty tricky. But ultimately looks fade… being fit is good and all – but intelligence is sexy.

Of course, of course, physical attraction is integral. Although you might love SuBo’s voice, it’s true that, that barnet would make most run a mile. Similarly, although Shrek does indeed have a few cracking one-liners up his sleeve, those jutting teeth and manky skin won’t cut it for most. Unless you consider someone a looker, it’s unlikely you’ll last and if you don’t want to wake up to someone you don’t find to be a ‘mega spice’ in the morning, cold feet are inevitable.


It’s SO easy to over fixate on how someone looks on the outside. It’s become an attractive quality to be ditsy and a little clumsy; some would even say that being ‘thick’ is now in. Mega-minded girls are jabbed at as being too nerdy, and dorkiness is seldom considered to be a turn-on. How often do lasses on the TV get to flash their facts and knowledge? Why are thigh gaps considered more attractive than a banging general knowledge niche? Why do guys roll their eyes when a girl is seen swotting up, or on the rare occasion, opting for Shakespeare over that flaming Sambuca?

Quite frankly, looks fade and it seems unfair that clever, sparky girls are seen as a little too much to handle, or are tarred as being boring, equation obsessed or dull. It’s a win-win if your gal’ can smash the 1700s History round at the pub quiz, or at least it will when you’re both rolling in the £100 prize money. It rocks that you’ll both be hustling in ace jobs in the future, and DMCs will never be off limits. She might like debating more than your chirsping, but it means that there’s always something on the agenda to chat about, instead of bitching about Shannon’s new Instagram and how it’s without a doubt photoshopped. Riveting stuff.


Researchers at the University of Buffalo in California in 2012 concluded that men would rather not date a woman who’s deemed smarter than them as they’d feel threatened or even intimidated – despite that fact that pretty much all the men in the study vouched for smartness as one of the most attractive qualities in a woman. They obviously weren’t thinking about the pros: the smart babies, someone to help with the boring accounting, the inability to become bored with each other.

So girls, embrace your passion and embrace your intellect. A decent vocabulary is seductive, and whipping out your on-the-spot maths skills is sure to help you get lucky, some day, probably.


“You can never be overdressed or overeducated”. –Oscar Wilde, the old charmer.

P.S Although I am indeed bitter than I fell out of the ugly tree (and hit every branch on the way down), I’m not sure that’s the fuel for this argument. I’m not particularly blessed in the brain department either, I just think awareness of quantum mechanics is much more of a turn-on than being that blondie in the Calvin Kleins. Give it a few years, both the knickers and she will be greying.