This is how you make it as a swimwear designer

Melissa McCue’s brand EBC is featured on ASOS Marketplace

Meet Melissa McCue, the Chorley girl behind EBC Couture and Swim.

McCue launched her line last year, and she’s already got 14.2k Instagram followers and has launched her handmade garments on ASOS Marketplace. We spoke to her about making it on social media, her decision not to chase an office job and her daily routine.

10410901_10153916477610802_641410938944719723_nWhen did you decide to start up EBC?

Not long ago – I started in July 2015.

Did you start making them yourself?

Yeah, since the beginning I have hand-made and designed the collection.


Is it quite different from a 9-5 office job?

It’s totally different. I’ve worked office jobs and it just didn’t suit the kind of person I am. With an office job you can clock in and clock out, switch your laptop off and forget about it. But with this it’s every day and all of the time. That’s something you have to prepare for.

Because of the nature of the business being online, all of my dealing is online. Although I travel to the post office more than your average person.


What is your daily routine with EBC?

Prioritising orders, upkeep of my social media accounts and marketing. I allocate design days, and fabric sourcing.

How do you publicise the brand?

It’s all about social media networking with an online brand. Instagram is a huge tool for me to display my collections and really try to push and gain interest. If you get it right, it can be a great platform.


How long did before it really took off?

It’s still taking off at the moment, and there is still a long way to go, I have big aspirations and it’s constantly evolving.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

There is inspiration all around. There isn’t much new in fashion, everything has been done and it’s just about re-working things in new and more current ways. There are so many amazing designers out there who inspire me. I have to love what I’m making, and want to wear it myself, to be able to translate that enthusiasm through the brand.

Your clothing collection is incredible too, did you start with just swimwear?

Thank you! No, I actually started with a range of embellished backless tops, I’ve always loved clothes which are different and I just couldn’t find what I wanted on the high street, everything else evolved from there.


Which one is more popular?

At the moment swimwear is most popular, and it’s something I’m passionate about, I absolutely love designing and making the swimwear, the fabric sourcing, everything! It’s something I’m focusing my attention on coming up to summer.

What items do you sell the most of?

It varies. I think my best sellers collectively from the beginning are my backless tops. They’re unique, the materials are one-offs, and they’re just really cute. I’m expecting that coming up to the summer months that will continue.


Do you have any advice for people looking to do something similar?

If it’s something you’re passionate about, go for it! Don’t give up, it doesn’t happen overnight and it takes a lot of dedication to push something and to represent a brand.

Some days you’re going to want to give up, but that’s when you’ve really got to be determined and keep going. There are always going to be people, who aren’t going to be supportive of what you’re doing, but on the flip-side there are people willing to help you all around, my friends and family have been a great support. It’s surprising what you can achieve.

How much time do you spend on the business?

Constantly. I’m always working on the business, always social networking, thinking of designs, fabrics, how it’s going to work, what the response is going to be like, how I can do things differently, improve and grow.

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not working?

In my spare time I like to relax, spend time with my friends and family. I also like to cooking and going out for dinner and drinks, Just things which I find relaxing. Watching online tutorials, I’m really into my make-up, and of course shopping.