Peepholes found in the girls’ toilets at Dean Street Townhouse

It’s part of the Soho House group

A series of peepholes have been found in the girls’ toilets of a boutique restaurant in Soho.

They were spotted yesterday evening at Dean Street Townhouse, part of the group which owns Soho House.

The four storey townhouse and restaurant describes itself as a “home to aristocrats and artists since 1732”, and has been visited by Kate Moss, Poppy Delevingne and Anne Hathaway in the past.


Reports were first made by an unsuspecting customer Rach Bleetman on Facebook group Cuntry Living, an online space dedicated to discussing issues relating to feminism.

She described the peepholes as “something horrific” and which needed to be “shared with friends in London” – so we went there.

One small hole had been made in each toilet cubicle door, which was only visible once sitting on the toilet.

Each peephole had been made in a discreet location at the top right corner of the middle panel of each toilet cubicle door. Each peephole was at crotch height.

At the time these photos were taken, one peephole was unblocked and the other two had been stuffed with damp toilet paper.

Half an hour later, maintenance had seen to it that every peephole had been filled with white industrial plaster.

The door after it had been filled with plaster

One door after it had been filled with plaster

The general manager for the £250-a-night, 39 bedroom hotel said: “We first heard reports of the peepholes yesterday, and my maintenance team filled them up last night.  It seems that whoever made them in the first place has opened them again today.

“We have CCTV on our staircase but not in the actual bathrooms. But we do have security on the door. We take things seriously here.”

dean street townhouse

Despite this, there don’t seem to be any clues as to who is to blame.

“We have regular toilet checks and I know that no men would have gone in there. I have no idea who it could have been.

“In any case, my customers are my priority and I have taken responsibility. My maintenance team have now rectified the issue again, but we will make sure to keep a close eye on our security and any further developments.”