These people think it’s ok to stay sober at festivals

‘It’s sad people think they need to take drugs to have a good time’

Believe it or not, some people can have fun without drugs or alcohol and choose to stay sober for the festival season.

It could be for personal, religious reasons or a sheer lack of cash. You save loads as booze at festivals is pricey but you save on embarrassment too. Being sober means you won’t say or do the shit you do when you’re high. There’s nothing wrong with knowing exactly where you are and what you did when you wake up.

Wading through mud to find you’re tent while you;’re completely stoned surely isn’t very fulfilling. Is that really what you paid £200 for? Months of dieting to fit into your crochet crop top can be ruined in one short weekend of binge drinking. These guys don’t think it’s worth it.

Scarlett Collins, a Spanish and History second year at University of Hull said: “Festivals depend on the music and who you’re with, that’s it.

“I love to drink on a night out with friends but I don’t think it’s necessary for a whole weekend at a festival. People tend to think I’m a prude because I choose not to get high. I just think they are envious because I don’t need drugs to have a good time.”

Scarlett went clean and sober to V Festival, deterred from drugs by: “Money, availability and the risk of getting caught.”

Sober Scarlett

Hannah Sharp, an Events Management fresher at Sheffield Hallam said: “I didn’t drink at all at Parklife, mainly because of the expense.”

A beer costs £4 at the festival and Jagerbombs can set you back £3.50 each. Not wanting to spend money on booze, Hannah also said no to drugs.

She added: “I really don’t care to do MD, even though my friendship group does, what’s the point? We still have a good time and go out together.

“My friends know I stay sober but it doesn’t really change anything. I have had a few drinks at festivals in the past but I don’t see the need to get drunk anymore, especially when beer tokens are about £4.

“You feel awful the next day and the festival smells are ten times worse when you’re hungover, especially the toilets.”

No booze for Hannah

Imagining enjoying all this with no hangover the next day

Laura King, a Fashion Design fresher at University of Westminster, also opts for clean living at festies. She wisely told us: “I’m the exact same person sober or drunk, why would I need to drink?

“Nobody ever really notices I’m sober but when I tell them I am, they say ‘I wish I could be like that’. It’s a shame, people our age think that drinking or doing drugs is a requirement for having a good time.”

Laura tested her sober lifestyle out at Bestival and said: “The experience is way more fun if you’re sober in my eyes. You can actually remember the night, the performances and the music.

“I was lucky enough to see Beyonce headline V festival a few summers ago, I could not imagine being so wasted that I would forget such an amazing performance. I genuinely can’t believe people would do that. Plus, being sober means you’re not cringing the next day.

“The drunk or high people that I see at festivals seem fake, like they’re not really enjoying themselves. I saw a high middle aged man wanking on the floor whilst singing really loud, slurred words at Bestival.

“I’m certain he would regret that if he was aware of what he was doing.”

Drugs are for mugs

Laura added: “Most people drink to loosen up and force having a good time. If you let go of judgements and anxiety you can easily go sober at Bestival.”

let loose

Kingston University DanceSoc President Zoe Meek lets it all hang out at festivals, but doesn’t feel she needs to rely on drugs to get her there.

Zoe says: “I’m so happy when I go to V Fest sober – I feel so carefree dancing to all the music.

“It would be so stupid to pay so much money for entry to end up spending your time either drunk or hanging.”

straightXedge lyf

She added: “I’ts sad people need to take drugs to have a good time, I personally just don’t feel like I need to.”