These are the country’s smartest students and they’re registering to vote

They came to a unanimous decision

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With the deadline to register to vote on 20th April fast-approaching, we asked some current members of the Cambridge Union why they’ve registered to vote and why you should too.

Alex King, Fresher, History at King’s

Vote 4
“Voting is a contract which makes a government accountable to those it serves. It gives people sway, and is a powerful restraint on government.”

Alice Pavey, Fresher, Geography at Newnham

Vote 1
“Politicians have to know they that represent us too. By not voting we allow them to overlook us.”

Are you a middle sibling? Do you hate being over-looked? If you don’t register to vote by 20th April, you will be.

Ash Nandi, second year, Medicine at Sidney Sussex

Vote 6
“Many people sacrificed a lot so we could vote, whether we be women, gay or transgender. I’m going to make the most of that. Turning your back on the current political thundercloud won’t stop you from being affected when it strikes.”

Register to vote now, have your voice heard.

Ronan Marron, Fresher, HSPS at King’s

Vote 7
“Voting doesn’t change everything, but your vote can make a difference, and it’s hardly a difficult thing to do.”

Registering to vote only takes a few minutes.

Sam Watts, Fresher, French and Spanish at John’s

Vote 8
“You can’t complain about government decisions without trying to influence them.”

Do you like complaining? Register to vote now.

Vicci Nelmes – Fresher History at Trinity

Vote 11
“By using our right to vote, we are exercising our right of opinion. Most people value the latter; why not the former?”

Think your opinion matters? Register to vote and prove it.