This is what an initiation looks like

Don’t be sick


Initiations, also known as “welcome drinks”, are a secretive rite of passage for many sport-playing freshers. What are they like? Watch these videos…

University of Gloucestershire (2008)

Students with carrier bags over their heads are marched around town by people in Nazi officer uniform. The University said they would bring disciplinary action when students were identified.


Oxford Brookes University – football team (2009)

Freshers are made to eat chillis and cat food, drink pints upside down, and crawl on the ground while beer, whipped cream and flour are thrown over them. Buckets for throwing up were provided.


Aston University – rugby team (2012)

Initiates are seen with burning toiled paper inserted into their trouser waistbands. To calm their burns, squirty cream is applied down their trousers.


Warwick University (2014)

Freshers are made to crawl on the wet ground, scantily clad in women’s  fancy dress. The University said they would be holding a full and thorough investigation into these events.


Loughborough University – bobsleigh team (2005)

Smartly dressed students each down a bottle of wine as fast as possible.


University of York – hockey team (2007)

Freshers are made to drink a can of Carlsberg, eat a slab of lard, half an onion and three garlic cloves, down a bottle of Lambrini with a fish head over the top, eat a bowl of Chappie dog food sprinkled with chilli powder, and drink lumpy sour milk with gravy browning. The punishment for coming last was downing a glass of Tabasco.


Teesside University – hockey team (2007)

Students down pints in a boat race.


Liverpool University – rugby league team (2013)

Last fresher to have all limbs on the ground loses.


University unknown (2007)

Half naked fresher downs beer before falling into the table in front of him.


Colombia University, US (2014)

Not strictly an initiation but: Topless feminists mock University initiation ceremonies by stripping in the library, writhing around with dead animals and covering themselves in eggs and milk.