HTC presents A Night of Desire

Just like Tinder, but in real life

Tinder has revolutionised university life and matched single students across the country.

Now your dating dreams are being brought to life by a real-life version of the app.

And you can win free tickets:

HTC and Verge magazine have teamed up to co-host a live-action event as a chance for you to stop hiding behind your mobile screen and embrace Tinder’s style in reality.


At the London event, which is the first of its kind, there will be two separate rooms where 500 guests will take selfies and upload them to a server before they are projected onto a screen in each room.

Party-goers will then be able to move rooms based on the pictures of the people in there – turning the swipe left of swipe right options into an actual, thrilling reality.

The event will be held at Cirque du Soir on Thursday 18th September in promotion of HTC’s Desire range – fun handsets which provide an amazing camera and super-fast functionality at an affordable cost for cash-strapped students.

In a month filled with the same old pub crawls, exhausted fancy dress themes and more Calvin Harris than you can physically take, real-life Tinder lets you get out there and try something different.

So if you’re looking to interact with people in a way that doesn’t end in an awkward drink and shouting over the thumping bass, then this is for you.

Tickets are £20 for boys and £15 for girls. Doors open at 10.30 – don’t miss out.