The trials and tribulations of any girl. Boys – fuck off, you won’t (and can’t) understand

Oddly placed body hair

Having to pluck one alarmingly long hair from your chin once every month. How does it keep appearing?! Again and again?

It takes an extraordinary amount of effort to keep up the pretence of being a hairless angel.


Been up all night shaving this

The tide mark from hell

That streaky giveaway line of foundation creeping up your neck when you least expect it.

A volatile beast, The Mark will fight all your best efforts to disguise it, betraying your bronzed face and appearing throughout the day. Requires frantic application of bronzer and a distrust of all natural light.


Don’t look at my FUCKING face

The head tilt

Having to tilt your head in every photo at just the right angle to make your giant face look smaller. Results in a line of girls looking like their necks have been broken.


Just 45 degrees away from full on sexy

Spontaneous photos

Head flung, limbs askew, carefree dreamy smile. “Ooo, you’ve caught me all off guard!” the picture is screaming. Stop it. There’s no surprise here.

Any girl knows that all these photos require very careful staging and at least 15 photos from slightly different angles.


“No, please, I’m not prepared!”


Applying liquid eyeliner perfectly to one eye and then having a HIDEOUS NIGHTMARE on the other.

The left eye is your Everest. No matter how many times you stop, take a breath and tell yourself you won’t let the eye defeat you – your wrist will jolt inexplicably and you’ll be left looking like Koko the Clown after a fight with a Sharpie.


Took two hours, a lot of cotton buds and tears to perfect this look


Weight loss jealousy

Being gripped with an intense jealousy when someone you know suddenly loses loads of weight. “How DARE that bitch lose all that weight! So fucking selfish.” You mutter to yourself darkly. “Cannot believe it.” The you make a mental note to not invite her out anywhere in case she’s looking fantastic.


I’m gonna kill this stupid skinny bitch


Diet misery

Losing weight yourself and being miserable but ultimately smug because HA HA you have the thigh gap!! The discomfort of disco pants has never felt sweeter.



CTF- Camel Toe Fear

Symptoms: Fearfully glancing down every ten minutes, adjusting nervously, asking your mates in hushed whispers “Hey, HEY is CTF going on? Quick, look, have I got CTF?!”

Side Effects: Keeping a wide berth of all high waisted trousers.


Ultimate CTF sin – high waisted shorts

The slow burner spot

The tentative pain. The raising of the skin. The creeping sense of dread.

This is the worst kind of spot, the Pariah of Pimples – the spot that rears its ugly head over a number of days, teasing you, taunting you.

And then one awful, fateful day (JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, WHAT IS THAT) it will appear slap bang in the middle of your cheek and ruin your social life for week while you rock yourself back and forth in a dark room waiting for it to go away.


The spot on Stage 2 of its growth

Hating everyone on principle

Taking a perverse pleasure in hating EVERYONE your girlfriends hate, because as that well-known proverb goes – “if your mate says they’re a wanker, then they’re probably definitely a wanker.” Amen.


You hate her? I HATE HER!!


Morning make-up terror

Waking up at the crack of dawn next to a guy, to hastily apply as much make-up as possible. “My God, you’re breathtaking in the morning!” he exclaims as he gazes upon your heavily made up face. Idiot. He has no idea.


Before the frantic make up scramble