Wow your parents with The Tab’s Christmas cocktails

Going home for the holidays doesn’t mean giving up the cocktails. Here’s our guide to the best festive flavours.

No matter what the budget – whether you’re counting the spare coins at the bottom of your bag, raiding your parents’ alcohol cupboard, or simply splashing out on branded alcohol ‘because it’s Christmas’ – The Tab has a drink for you.

Here’s our list to help you feel the Christmas spirit (emphasis on the word ‘spirit’).

Gingerbread Man


This cocktail is a tasty treat that’ll remind you of childhood Christmas’ gorging on gingerbread men… but now it’s even better because it’s alcoholic. Just make sure not to overdo the peppermint schnappes.


2 shots vodka

Fill with ginger beer

Splash of peppermint schnappes

Splash of cranberry juice (any berry juice will do)

Mulled Wine

A Christmas classic. Best part is that with all the fruit and spice, you can barely taste how cheap the wine is! Just add the wine, sugar, fruit and spice to a saucepan, and heat gently until the sugar has dissolved.


2 bottles of red wine

3 sliced oranges

1 sliced lemon

250g of brown sugar

2 cinnamon sticks

Sprinkle of Nutmeg

(Or you can cheat with Tesco’s ready-made mulled wine at £3.50 a bottle)

The Grinch


Don’t be fooled by it’s fruity taste, this cocktail is a bit like the Grinch’s smile… Evil.


2 shots Midori Melon liqueur (can be found in Tesco St Stephens)

1 shot Malibu

1 shot vodka

Lemonade to fill

Melted Snowman

This one tastes just like melted ice cream. And it wouldn’t be Christmas without a glass of Baileys, now would it?


3 shots Baileys

4 shots Dr Pepper

4 shots milk



A good one if you have a sweet tooth. Best part is that Tesco’s own Advocaat is just as nice, but half the price.


3 shots Advocaat

Lemonade to fill

Crushed ice

Tinsel Bomb

Ok, so technically this is just a glitter bomb, but if you’ve reached the point where you’re downing drinks, you’re probably too drunk to notice. Down it!


1 shot Goldschlager

Half can of energy drink

Christmas Lights


Broke? This Christmas twist on the classic Skittles vodka shots is perfect for you. Just add red and green skittles to separate bottles of vodka, give it and shake and leave for a few hours.