Being a student, doggy style

Whether they’re feeling ruff after a big night out or getting an essay in pedri-easily in before the deadline these dogs can teach us all about ourselves.

Love dogs? Love being a student? Think it’s impossible to combine the two? Think again.

The Stoner

Leader of The Blazin' Squad

Pug Life

Catchphrase: “Let’s make like Snoop Dog(g) and bust out this doobie”

 The Hard Worker

Work Hard. Play Harder.

Work Hard. Play Harder.

Catchphrase: “That essay was pedigr-easy, you should’ve done a bit more reading.”

The Lash Hound

Never again...

Never again…

Catchphrase: “What happened last night? I’m feeling really ruff this morning.”

The Hipster


Catchphrase: “I only eat cat food.”

The Rah

Are we going for a walk yah?

Are we going for a walk yah?

Catchphrase: “I went to Aldi last week, you should’ve seen it Tarquin, it was terrier-ble.”

 The Musician

Do I look indie enough?

Do I look indie enough?

Catchphrase: “Wanna come to my gig? It’s gonna be off the leash.”

The Layabout

Just chillin'


Catchphrase: “What’s ‘walkies’?”

The Hippie

Ok, so we photoshopped the dreadlocks on

Ok, so we photoshopped the dreadlocks on

Catchphrase: “We should all get along. A sheepdog’s half sheep, man. Think about it.”

The Fresher

So cute

So cute

Catchphrase: “I only need 40% on this essay, I can easily whippet out in under an hour.”