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Think you’ve got it bad? Try being Darth Vader

Still struggling to cope with the emotional rollercoaster that was exam season? Results didn’t go so well? Plans for summer hols with the housemates just fallen through

Whatever the untimely tragedy, put the box of tissues down because this revolutionary grief innovation – appropriate for an array of student woes – will help you gain a little perspective.


After all, Darth Vader is the one who really has it bad: starts life as a slightly annoying midi-chlorian prodigy, unwittingly stumbles into the ‘Dark Side’ and then BAM! He’s an estranged father to Luke and Leia Skywalker.

Plus few characters have such poor luck as to lose their hand three times throughout the story.

After reflecting on the monumental shit-sandwich Darth Vader has been served (and conveyed most convincingly in “noooooooooooooooo”), hopefully your troubles seem a little less awful.

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