29 degree subjects and why they suck

No degree is safe: Ben Kennedy and Laura Hutchinson ignorantly explain why your degree sucks.

Archaeology: the only good things about it are Lara Croft and Jurassic Park and neither of those exist.

Economics: nobody actually knows what this is.

French: too French.

Music: students sit around all day writing guitar ballads about their feelings.

Physics: none of them wash and they all look like this.

physics student.jpg

Architecture: spend seven years doodling then work in a chip shop? No thanks.

Politics: you get beaten if you’re not a Tory.

Psychology: you don’t actually learn how to hypnotise people. Bloody pointless.


Philosophy: Paying to think about thinking, nice. Mystic Meg’s got it covered.

Maths: by the time you graduate, you’ll still be shitter than an Excel spreadsheet.

Nutrition: they all drink their own piss and believe in the healing power of crystals.

Management: spend three years learning how to use a photocopier and a hole punch.

Healthcare Science: get regularly kicked in the crotch by Medicine students.

Zoology: Rolf Harris.

Medicine: too many anus inspections.

Geology: highest suicide rate of any subject.

Computer Science: students lose the ability to do anything unless it’s got a screen and a keyboard grafted onto it.

Sociology: universally hated by the student populace (in a poll of over 27,000 people, 67% of them said they ‘hate’ sociology).

Art History: everyone talks like Princess Anne and drives a Bentley.

English: They all spend their free time reading Jane Austen in a meadow while blowing a dandelion.


Theology: There’s no grad scheme at The Vatican or Mecca.

Latin: For Eton boys who want to read spells in Harry Potter and label flowers.

harry potter

Animal Science: Look what happened to Steve Irwin.

German: The most distressing language on earth.

Creative Writing: Might as well get a degree in cleaning urinals, because that’s what’s going to happen.

creative writing

Film and TV: English Literature for those who can’t be arsed to read.

Geography: They spend all day colouring in and playing with Google Earth.

Biology: Spend the rest of your life staring at mould and designing a new, improved Cilit Bang.

International Media and Communications Studies: Because calling it Media Studies is just too humiliating.

media studies

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