UEA: Eleven Photos That Show We Are Fabulous At Fifty!

Check out these amazing vintage snaps from the past fifty years of our bloody glorious university.

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For UEA’s 50th anniversary, the university has released 50 pictures detailing events from the past 50 years. Here are ten of The Tab’s favourites, but they all certainly deserve a look! Find more of the photos here


  1. Some people call them hideous, some people call them home; but one thing’s for certain, the ziggurats are definitely unique. And this is the man responsible for designing them.ueaphoto1
  2. The Red Bar hasn’t always been the bustling hive of student activity and antics that it is now. Can you imagine any of this lot playing Beer Pong?ueaphoto2
  3. Never a student body to shy away from politics – We imagine that a visit from the Queen would have been quite the spectacle. Shame Prince Harry doesn’t feel like popping round for a visit.ueaphoto3
  4. Was this 1970s pancake race a prototype for Pimp My Barrow?ueaphoto4
  5. Well, will you look at that? Seems that in the past 50 years, nothing has changed all that much in the UFO. Well, except the hairstyles maybe. ueaphoto5
  6. Believe it or not, everyone’s favourite place of natural beauty isn’t natural after all! The lake wins a place in the hearts of all students- either for being the perfect spot to chug a cider after an exam, or for being one of the notorious 5Ls…ueaphoto11
  7. Legendary Radio 1 DJ John Peel opened the Livewire studios. Here’s an interesting fact you may have never, EVER heard before: Greg James used to DJ on Livewire. Strange how UEA never, EVER mention it…ueaphoto6
  8. The creative writing course at UEA is by far the best in the country. Mr Bradbury, Mr Wilson; we salute you!ueaphoto7
  9. And this hasn’t been continued because….? Nothing like a little sports day outside Suffolk Terrace to get the blood boiling!ueaphoto8
  10. Former residents of the terraces on the Tab’s editing team can confirm that, by the looks of it, these grills have never been replaced. Forget Pot Noodles, this is obviously what student cooking is really like…ueaphoto9
  11. UEA’s 50th year, and we’re named number 1 for student experience. Countless authors, scientists, and even a time lord have emerged from this amazing university. And I’m sure everyone will agree when we say that we wouldn’t want it any other way. ueaphoto10