The Burger Bar you should have heard of: Almost Famous

Impossible to feel blue as such quality is so rare: we say well done

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At the top of some inconspicuous stairs in the centre of the Northern Quarter, you are greeted by a plain door. Behind this door lies the latest, most exciting addition to Manchester’s food scene that has started a burger revolution: ‘Almost Famous’. This restaurant began its life as a pop-up stall and has now become a more permanent fixture for the hungry diner.

Almost famous 3

Is there anything more enticing than a door with ‘no photographs’ on it

It’s mysterious air and ‘no blogging’ policy has ensured this restaurant is a hot topic of conversation, and by word of mouth Almost Famous’ popularity has soared, to the extent that dependent on what time you arrive you may well expect to have to queue to enter the building, policed by the watchful eyes of bouncers.

However, I assure you that it is worth the wait. In order to fully experience everything Almost Famous had to offer, and qualify to write an accurate article, my partner in crime and I ordered most of their menu. This included the Smokey and the Bandit Burger, the Bacon Chilli Cheese Dog, two sides of Bacon Bacon Fries and some Suicide Wings.


A word to the wise; the portion sizes are generous to say the least. My dog arrived loaded to the hilt, and required several moments in order to establish how best to tackle it. Once halved, I squared it up, took a deep breath and stepped up to the plate.

There’s more food under all that food

The chilli itself was rich and meaty whilst buried underneath the dog gave a satisfying crunch. As the bun disintegrated in my hands I was filled with a sweet sense of over-indulgence. The burger too was an outrageous creation: double stacked beef patties, gooey melted cheese and copious amounts of deep fried onions. The heat of the suicide wings was contrasted with a creamy blue cheese dip that effortlessly balanced the dish. The Bacon Bacon fries were the stars in my eyes and deserve, no, demand, a special mention. These crunchy, salty chips decadently topped with baconaise sauce and bacon dust are a must for any self-respecting customer. Everything was as outrageously tempting as the pictures suggest.

A nice way to meat death

To accompany your delicious dinner, the bar staff at Almost Famous create a range of exciting cocktails to keep you hydrated as you get intimately acquainted with the dirtiest meal of your life. I would personally recommend the Bitch Juice, whose refreshing blend of Bombay sapphire gin, raspberries and lemon juice cuts through the richness of the meal.

Almost Famous is an establishment where gluttony reigns supreme. Though it should not be visited too regularly (particularly seeing as bikini- season is fast approaching), the combination of atmosphere and great food will have you eager to return.

p.s. One to look out for in the future is Luck, Lust, Liquor and Burn, their sister restaurant which is located in the same building and is their Mexican equivalent.

Intoxicated by mystery…and alcohol…