Tab vs. Food: Hill Bailey Captain’s Special

Burgers, boarding school and banter with the Hill Bailey Captains in a Tab vs. Food special.

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As the ever popular Hill vs Bailey rugby match fast approaches we thought it’d be a good time to show you all a little something we put together back in March.

TabTV got this year’s Hill and Bailey rugby captains down to Boathouse to take on their notorious Man vs. Food challenge. Dressed in full regalia they took on 26oz of burger, a mountain of chips and a serious stack of onion rings which, by the rules of the challenge, they had to finish in 30 minutes in order to be named a champion of the challenge and win the first encounter with their rival captain.

Cutting some shapes

Cutting some shapes – (left to right) James Currie, Ollie Silverton and Jamie Harris

Bailey captain, Jamie Harris (Bede, 2nd Year), turned up with a nasty hangover after a heavy night which left Hill captain James Currie (Collingwood, 3rd Year) looking the likelier victor. Maria the Chef thought so too, citing Currie’s bigger biceps as a clear advantage over the less well endowed Harris.

Before carbloading 2,000 calories in the name of sport, the boys sat down and got cosy with Tab man Ollie Silverton, to talk rugby, rigs and rejecting Fred Ahern. Have a look at the video to see who takes away bragging rights, but be warned, it gets messy – very messy.

Presented by Ollie Silverton | Photography by Lyle Bushe | Edited by Charlie Gardiner-HillThanks to Boathouse Durham, get down to the river to get see if you can beat the burger!