BNOC of the year: Group Four

Roll up roll up

Undemocratic and Unrepresentative: UCLU should leave the NUS

The NUS doesn’t come close to representing the views of 7 million UK students

Rent Strikers WIN compensation from UCL

This is the second year in a row that UCL has paid compensation to Campbell House West residents.

BNOC Group Three Winner Announced

Tamid has bagged a place in the final

UCL department tries to sway students to remain in EU

SELCS sent an email to students asking them to vote In.

Students have written open letter calling for UCL to leave NUS

The letter argues that the NUS is ‘highly undemocratic’

Group 2 Winner Announced

Nathan’s nailed a spot in the final

UCL accidentally used old Moodle questions for this year’s exam

UCL have attributed the problem to a printing error

University of London panel calls for the DESTRUCTION of Israel

The panel was addressing the problem of antisemitism within the Labour party