‘Leeds is the best because it has the cheekiest Nandos’

Azeem Ward, the man behind the most popular flute recital of all time, has included Leeds in the list of cities for his UK tour next month.

Azeem will be performing in the UK with his DJ friend, Underbelly, starting in Scotland early September.

He will bless Leeds with his presence on the 16th of September before concluding the tour towards the end of October.


Since rocketing to fame earlier this year, Azeem insists he is still the grounded flautist we all grew to love.

Azeem told the Tab: “I will be performing (with DJ Underbelly) a sonata that I composed at the Leeds College of Music

“I became a viral sensation, particularly in the UK, so I hope there are some fans that will come out to our shows and support.

“Since my flute recital, my life really has been quite an adjustment; a lot of interviews, gigs, YouTube videos, collaborations and learning how to survive as a musician.

“I am really looking forward to finally meeting and performing for the fans”.


When asked why he chose Leeds, Azeem certainly had the right answer.

He said: “Leeds is the best because it has the cheekiest Nandos.”