”I know you want it’ is exactly what my rapist said to me’

A Leeds graduate claims she was thrown out of a gay club and verbally abused after complaining to the DJ who played Blurred Lines.

Georgia Greenfield, who left Leeds in 2013, was ejected on Tuesday morning from Queen’s Court – Leeds’ main gay club.

Georgia, 23, complained to the DJ saying it made her recall being raped.

Georgia wrote a note on a phone to the DJ saying: “‘I know you want it’ are the exact words my rapist said to me before he raped me. I don’t want to hear this shit.”

Shockingly, the grad says the DJ called over the microphone: “Fuck off you silly bitch.”


The note Georgia passed to her DJ

Georgia says: “I didn’t expect the song to be turned off but I wanted to give the person playing it an impression of its effect.

“I didn’t even expect them to turn it off or to say anything back to me at all. Why would you?”

But Georgia and friend Noah were left shocked when the DJ told Georgia over the microphone to “Fuck off you silly bitch” as they walked off.

Friend Noah Martin, a French third year who was with Georgia at the club, said: “My initial reaction was disgust, fear and anger. I couldn’t believe it happened in a space that was supposed to be safe – a gay club.”

Following the incident Georgia went to stand outside the club, reeling from what had been said.


Georgia (right) says the DJ called her a ‘silly bitch’ for complaining

When they tried to re-enter the club, 23-year old Georgia claims they were told by bouncers the DJ had advised neither her nor her friend were allowed back in the club.

Georgia said: “I was in disbelief that I was being thrown out of a club for telling the DJ I was raped.

“As I was explaining the actual reasons to the bouncers (not to get back in, but because it was ridiculous) the DJ said over the microphone: ‘If you don’t like what I have to say you can fuck off somewhere else’.

“Then as we were walking away he added: ‘There needs to be an electric fence around the DJ booth’.”

Noah lodged a complaint to the management of Queen’s Court and received an email confirming they were aware of the incident.


An email was sent to Noah from Queen’s Court management

The email also said: “The incident is currently being fully investigated and a full response will be forwarded to [Georgia] once finalised”.

But Noah and Georgia are still unhappy. Noah said: “The manager didn’t even use the right pronouns for Georgia”.

Georgia identifies as “gender non-conforming” and prefers to use both “she and “they” pronouns, adding: “Noah as far as I know identifies as non-binary”.



When contacted by The Tab, a spokesperson for Queen’s Court said: “An investigation is underway. Due to it being pride weekend, it is taking a bit longer, but I am speaking to the lady in question.”

Georgia now wants disciplinary action to be taken against the DJ, and for Blurred Lines to be banned from the club “because it triggers so many women and people assigned female who go there”.

Georgia added: “Or at least it should be announced before it’s played from now on, so at least people can leave.”

The events happened just days ahead of Leeds Pride festival, which took place this weekend.

  • Ornot

    How about people try and act like adults and take care of themselves, and if something happens to trigger them, they leave instead of trying to ban a song.

    • Jess

      Well said!!

  • Ben

    “But Noah and Georgia are still unhappy. Noah said: “The manager didn’t even use the right pronouns for Georgia”.

    Georgia identifies as “gender non-conforming” and prefers to use both “she and “they” pronouns”

    They’re upset because the manager used the word “her”?! Jesus christ.

    More importantly, she kicked up a fuss about a song that has lyrics she prescribed meaning to. It’s not a ‘rape song’, she interpreted it as one. Pipe down.

  • Reality

    Jesus, some people are really not gonna survive for long in the real world

    • K


      • Tom

        They expect everything around them to change to suit their feelings. That’s not how the real world works nor is it how it ever should work.

      • oliverclark

        They’re getting upset over pronouns.

  • WhatALoser

    Well… The dj was kinda right.. She is stupid

    • WhatALoser


  • Mike

    Silly bint needs raped again

    • disqus_iwTVpBo6OS

      You’re a travesty.

    • :)

      You know you’re allowed to tell funny rape jokes.
      In fact, they tend to be better recieved than unfunny ones.

  • Don

    non-binary non-gender conforming AKA people who ruin everyone else’s fun at uni

  • God

    You’re on your own, I give up.

    • ezioa

      Nooo, now is when we need you most! Get to smiting, damnit!

  • Reubeniv

    Laughed the whole way through, by “The manager didn’t even use the right pronouns for Georgia” tears were streaming down my face.

  • Wow

    Quite right for the DJ to kick off, why let someone change the music for everyone there just because she doesn’t like the lyrics. Oh sorry I meant “gender non-conforming”…. “Noah as far as I know identifies as non-binary” Jesus fucking Christ… when did all this bullshit from tumblr become popular? These are defiantly the type of people who would want to install 5 different types of toilet for every gender/creature/object they identify as. fuck

    • bh1000

      Um, I identify as toilet-kin, and your objectifying of my kinsmen as tools is so triggering. (◡‿◡✿) Thank you, white male cishet scum.

  • Bob Ross

    Get off your fucking high horse. I, as do most people of this age, know how this song starts. I hate toto (especially Africa), so when it comes on i leave and go for a cig, which is exactly what you should have done. I understand that this situation is different but you can’t expect everyone to change for you. The DJs response was a little over board given the circumstances, he should’ve been polite, but really you shouldn’t have gone to the booth in first place. And why are you offended that they used the wrong pronouns? It’s 2015, gender equality is coming but its not here yet and it certainly won’t come any faster with you getting unnecessarily offended by a manager just doing his job.

    • Ben

      The whole pronoun thing doesn’t make sense anyway – she says she’s happy with “she”, but isn’t happy with “her”? Any either way, how is the manager supposed to know this, they’re not a mind reader!

      • Annoyed

        I’m moderately confused. Isn’t she and her the same thing?

        • Ben

          It is. This article is just bizarre. I’m glad the comments are calling out her bullshit.

        • Funcuz Chris

          This “choose your favorite pronouns” things is ridiculous. Nobody can know which pronouns you prefer and even if they could…why should they ? Got a penis ? You’re a him. Vagina ? You’re a her. Simple. We don’t need all these ridiculous and unnecessary pronouns.

          I have a certain amount of sympathy for trans people but it pretty much stops at basic acceptance. I’m not going to refer to anybody by some arbitrary pronoun. If they don’t like it then I’ll just call them “thing”. Easy.

      • http://contraditorium.com Carlos Cardoso

        Those spoiled brats think people should ASK everyone their favourite pronoums, and remember every single one.

    • Tom

      Why do you hate toto you vile cunt

  • MatHat

    I thought this was real til I read ‘the manager didn’t even use the right pronouns for Goergia’. I think someone’s having a laugh, at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself.

    Btw, if Blurred Lines is ever banned anywhere, then I DEMAND that Bang Bang by Jessie J be banned too, because it also contains the lyric ‘I know you want it’ and it might trigger men or people assigned male who listen to it.

    • Truue

      Well said.

  • The Voice of Reason

    Bitch can go suck a lemon.

  • gotsda .

    This better be fucking satire. People like you are why the West is in decline.

  • anonymoose

    >>Georgia identifies as “gender non-conforming” and prefers to use both “she and “they” pronouns, adding: “Noah as far as I know identifies as non-binary”.

    0/10 please troll harder

  • Connor Spencer

    Best laugh i’ve had in a while. Please dont tell a DJ how to do their job, they are there to play music not to give you a hug

  • Ok

    I’m done with gimps like this. Why even write an article for it?

  • yay for lad culture

    the comments on this are vile. wishing rape on a ‘silly bint’. whoever you are, and whatever you think, you are vile.

    • Ben

      That’s one comment. Everyone else is simply pointing out she’s a twat.

  • Tom

    What a fucking stupid spoiled bitch. The DJ was right – if you don’t like the music, fuck off. If you go up to a DJ and aggressively & provocatively tell him what to play, you deserve to be kicked out.



  • Hector Williams

    Simple solution to a DJ playing a song you don’t like; leave the club. Done.

  • CAVE

    Wow you’re all very ignorant, I work in a bar (in Leeds) and if this happened well we wouldn’t side with the DJ, this type of behaviour is in no way acceptable and for those who think the two people who where mistreated where in the wrong; you need to take a step back, if this happened to someone close to you would you reply in the same way? would you look at your parent, sibling or friend in the eye after going through such a terrible ordeal and tell them that they are the one that is in the wrong? I don’t think you would. Quit spreading the hate open your minds, stop punishing the victims and backing the attackers and criminals. or stay in your hateful ways and be alone and forgotten.

    • Truth

      The only thing this girl is victim of, is being born a silly bitch.

      • CAVE

        You’re so ignorant, I actually feel sorry for you.

        • TheTundraTerror

          Those in glass houses.

    • Ben

      What is she a victim of? She interrupted the DJ to complain about the music he was playing and thusly got kicked out. It’s a pretty reasonable course of events, people get kicked out of clubs for far less.

      • CAVE

        Well dude they got verbally abused by the DJ. After working in a bar and seeing hen and stag party’s bug the DJ for song requests interrupting the DJ and seeing no aggression towards anyone, the DJ could of said nothing and carried on but instead he decided to throw vile language at them. Its not reasonable at all if they was aggressive in anyway that’s fine; but that was certainly not the case. no reason to be kicked out at all DJ is fully at fault and needs to be disciplined and maybe fired.

        • Mooj

          Oh dear Christ. She said she wanted to give the DJ a “notion of what it felt like to be raped.” Why? Because “I know you want it” — something I say to my dog when offering her a treat — also happens to be something some rapists might say? If her rapist wore flannel, would she try to make anybody wearing flannel “know what it feels like to be raped”.

          Her behavior is an utterly disgusting, provocative piece of garbage, indicative of the passive-aggressive and cover-aggressive behavior of the abuser-disguised-as-victim. Her own statement was to give somebody the notion of what it “felt like to get raped” — so goddamned presumptuous that the DJ had never been sexually assaulted or raped themselves.

          That’s not to mention the pathetic walking back of the statement, that she was “kicked out for saying she was raped.” What a farce. She was kicked out for implying that a DJ was a rape sympathizer for no reason other than a meaningless mental association she made.

          To anybody who’s been abused, something, somewhere, will remind them of that mistreatment. Should people raised by abusive mothers walk into shops and demand that cards for mum be pulled because they’re “triggering” them? The world would come to a stand still as every person, guilty or not, bent over backwards to do nothing to remind people of victimization. One of those abusive mothers raised me — I was abused on Earth, where Leeds is — and where you work. Perhaps I should push cigarettes into your arm so you know how you’re “triggering” me. Or perhaps I should just go live on Mars, or the Moon.

          The absolute icing on the cake is this prissy line from the article: “The manager didn’t even use the right pronouns for Georgia” … “Georgia identifies as “gender non-conforming” and prefers to use both “she and “they” pronouns”

          And yet when I look at the email the manager sent, I see those very she/her pronouns in the article. The manager used the right pronouns but “victimized” them — never mind that despite the manager being admittedly completely correct in using “she/her” pronouns, it also relies on the management being a mind-reader.

          That prissy entitlement is only topped off by this line: “Noah as far as I know identifies as non-binary”.

          The two friends who know each other and send emails on each other’s behalf half to disclaim their statements on their own friend’s gender identity with the term “as far as I know”, and yet the manager who knows neither Georgia nor Noah is supposed to be a magic mindreader — no “as far as I know Georgia uses she/her” for the person who doesn’t know them. Strangers require certainty, anything less is victimizing them.

          That you and your ilk swallow such poisonous twaddle is absurd. I have seen entitlement before, I have lived under that dictator-as-persecuted, abuser-as-victim thumb for longer than I’d like to remember, but the sheer level of arrogance and personal entitlement embodied in this generation demanding special catering and entitlement is astounding, and goes well beyond anything I endured.

          The only thing I can take to heart from this, the only thing that gives me comfort, is that people like you and Georgia and Noah and all the rest of the whiners are so reliant on your specific method of abuse — demanding your parent-surrogates rush to your rescue — that when you create a generation where everybody is a grown infant, there’ll be no parent-surrogates left, so incapable are you of executing your deranged tyrannies on your own.

          • Ben

            This comment is perfect.

          • Tom

            And this is why everyone should vote Tory.

          • HeartShaped

            Bravo Mooj!

          • http://sakuraslabyrinth.blogspot.com/ BB (Kurou Sakura)

            Dammit, that was beautiful.

        • Jane

          Girl seriously you wasn’t there & she rammed her phone aggressively in the DJ’s Face without any Verbal communication whatsoever or explanation & in a Gay Bar & just walked away & never mentioned the song that was playin so obviously the DJ is gunna be like WTF is going on with this Girl & tye DJ was not out of order & she was in the wrong for not explaining her Problem as I’m sure DJ isn’t a mind reader, Grow Up People & get with the programme!!!

        • Jane

          How do you know this isn’t the case CAVE? You weren’t there & they were obviously Drunk & aggressive in their actions & like I said they didn’t get kicked out they just got refused re entry after their little Millitant Drama Spat & if you wouldn’t be on your DJ’s side in the matter or you really think that they should be fired or face a dissaplinary because of some Princesses Cryptic Rape Message then it just shows your as Fucked up as Noah & her Bastard Femenist Ark!!!

    • oliverclark

      She shouldn’t have been kicked out, but she’s being really stupid.

      • CAVE

        Please Elaborate.

        • Uyes Smith

          Elaboration- because there are only so many words in the English language that can be used, I’m quite certain that at some point every single word, phrase or song lyric could potentially remind every single English speaking person of some traumatic event that happened in their lives. Example Lil waynes lolipop- “my mom died choking on a lollipop, can u please turn that song off” do u see how fu©king dumb that sounds????? If it bothered her that bad she should have left and not expected everyone else to change what they’re doing because of her, as I’m quite certain that out of the hundreds of ppl who were there she certainly was not the only one who had been sexually assaulted before #sorry

    • jromo

      I would feel the exact same way if it were someone close or a family member. I definitely would. Dont get me wrong, horrible thing that happened to that girl. No one deserves to be a victim of rape. That being said, it doesnt give you the right to just waltz up to a DJ and get pissy because a song upsets you. What did she expect to happen? she said she didnt expect the song to be turned off so what was her objective? just to go up there and bitch about it? Its a free country. no one is forcing her to stay in the bar. she is more than free to walk out. Sure the DJ could have handled it a bit better, but I can imagine DJs get tired of people walking up and complaining about the song selections all the time.
      Just because something horrible happened to you doesnt give you a free pass

    • Vito Gesualdi

      I would ridicule that dumb girl until she left the fun party everyone else was having. Good DJ

    • Wendy Taylor Was Smith

      I know lots of people who dont like certain songs for one reason or another myself included. NEVER felt the need to explain it to the DJ. Because to do that is to search for sympathy,she didnt expect them to turn it off !!! Its called live, every where you look and listen will trigger memories she needs to grow up. Nobody is ignorant people are siding with the DJ because her actions and complaints were ridiculous. And could you just clarify who the criminal is in this

    • Funcuz Chris

      If it were my sister I’d tell her straight up to grow a fucking spine and deal with it. Yes, seriously I would. Know what else ? She’d say the same thing to me. It wouldn’t mean she didn’t care. Rather she’d be acknowledging that the world doesn’t revolve around me nor should it. I’m far better off not letting that silly idea invade my thoughts.

      Secondly, every woman seeking attention claims she was raped. I don’t believe them anymore. How can I ? Am I seriously to believe that virtually every man on earth is a rapist ? Well, I don’t believe that nor do I even believe that any significant percentage of men are. Just because she drank a beer before she had sex doesn’t mean she was raped. Just because she regretted choosing to have sex with somebody doesn’t make that same somebody a rapist. Most of the time it’s just nonsense from hysterical young women looking for attention.

      Lastly, you work in a bar ? Really ? What, do you wash dishes for the kitchen ? Wait…you’re a stripper ! Well, in any case, if you can’t deal with words you need to spend some time in a war zone. Yes, seriously. You’re so fragile that you need protection from words. You clearly need something to toughen you up. How do you even go to work ? Do you put on layers of padding just to get in your car or take the bus ? How can somebody so incredibly fragile deal with anything in the world ? I’ll bet you’d love to sue somebody, wouldn’t you ? Feel like you’re entitled to a lot of money for “all your suffering” at the hands of daily life.

      So yeah, fuck off.

    • HeartShaped

      This wouldn’t happen to someone close to me because I don’t hang out with special snowflakes who have been radicalized by the imbeciles on Tumblr. I have suffered sexual abuse and I sure as Hell wouldn’t go writing notes for a DJ as if I was in a therapy group rather than a bar. If I was in the mental state where that seemed acceptable, I am pretty sure those who cared about me would book me into therapy, rather than pretending my irrational, hysterical actions were normal and healthy.

    • Ming Li

      she can stay at home until she heals… but the world doesn’t stop for one person and i would say the same to an irrational friend or family member. go fuck yourself.

  • AmoebaMan

    “Shockingly, the grad says the DJ called over the microphone: ‘Fuck off you silly bitch.'”

    Good for him. That’s exactly the right response.

    If you are so fragile that you cannot even handle the utterance of some of the most innocuous words in the English language because it “triggers” you, you need to seriously consider moving yourself to some kind of assisted living space. Like maybe an asylum.

  • thejerk

    People like this need to be told that their feelings aren’t that important. They’ve wrongly been taught that their self esteem is the most important thing in the world. It isn’t.

  • Conor

    “I know you want it” can mean a number of different things, as the man who wrote the song pointed out, quite well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHP-_JbSP2c I sympathise with the fact that it may trigger bad memories, but that may happen to other people with other songs. Its not the songs fault that those words happened to be spoken during an attack therefore I personally don’t see it fair to be banned.

    • Conor

      Though it was also wrong for them to be kicked out and abused by the DJ, I think was a bit ridiculous.

      • TheTundraTerror

        Uh, no. What’s ridiculous is saying that people should stop having fun because “MAH FEELIES!”

      • Jane

        They were NOT kicked out they were just refused Re entry

  • Carl Onwochei-walker

    When you FAIL to explain properly your circumstances and just throw your phone in the DJ’s face then storm off without an explanation I would have said exactly the same….It’s a shame this happened to her, but please bitch, fuck off… I have zero time for hate blaming, it’s not the entertainer you need to be frustrated at, it’s the person who committed the crime against you. You could hear that song at any time/anyplace/anywhere, will you scream then? YOU have a choice, leave the venue until the song is over…. the entertain ha no choice, they cant just stop a song because it doesn’t resonate well with one person, when you have a room full of people dancing. i’m speaking as an entertainer myself, I would have acted in the same way

  • Belicious

    what a silly bitch

  • TheTundraTerror

    >“The manager didn’t even use the right pronouns for Georgia”.

  • Winston_from_the_Ministry

    You’re so vain… I bet you think this song is about you….

    • Bernard Dunning

      EVERYTHING is about her, obviously.

  • Why isn’t every comment just

    Fuck off you silly bitch

  • terry01

    The only thing that made any sense in this whole affair was telling the silly bitch to ‘fuck off’.

  • sandy

    How to react if you don’t like the songs played at a club:

    Normal person: “Ah well, tastes differ. I’ll try other clubs and hopefully I’ll find one that plays what I like.”

    Feminist: “MAH SOGGY KNEEEEE! Everything must cater to me! I must not be expected to take responsibility for myself – everyone else must treat me like a child and protect me from my irrational ‘triggers’! RAAAAAH!!!!”

  • apyro

    Good, people who try to suck fun out of everything shouldn’t be allowed in places where people come to have fun.

  • U R A TWAT

    Get the fuck over it and move on with your live. Stop complaining + grow up = infinitely happier existence.

  • Troll Critic

    Top trolling from Le Tab.

  • Uyes Smith

    Really????Is this b!+ch serious?????

  • registeredanon

    When will gays realize they have way more in common with straight men than women? Faghags are the absolute worst.

  • Shona

    What I find more offensive is that this Girl is trying to get both an innocent DJ the sack and tarnish the reputation of him and a Very Popular Leeds Gay Bar at the same time because her parents failed to give her enough attention growing up or notice that she needs some serious Therapy.
    You were not thrown out of the Venue you were simply refused re entry as understandably the DJ thought you were a Fruit Loop.
    You also never actually spoke to the DJ you just thrust your Mobile in his face with a cryptic Rape message on it & without explaining what your message meant or even speaking a word to the DJ you automatically assume that he is to know that the song he is playing is why you are aggressively showing him the message and he is to know from this act your terrible history and torment from him playing a massive chart hit.
    You my Darling should be the one apologising to both the DJ and the venue for demanding on your Facebook Page that all your Stupid Mates bombard the venue with ridiculous and slanderous accounts of the nights events that half of which never actually happened and from your Friends who were obviously not even in attendance that night.
    And don’t even get me started on the Girl/Boy/Gender/Pronoun Garbage!!!
    Shame on you, your Friends and the Tab for reporting this attention seeking Garbage and as you can see 99% of the reply’s on here are understandably in full support of the poor DJ as we are all thinking the same as he told you

  • Brenda

    I too have had issues with music choices played at this venue. Timmy Mallets, Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. Triggers the time when I was a model, thankfully I’ve discovered the gregs steak bake and weigh a healthy 14st. But that song makes me want try Pret a Mange.

  • Dobby the House Elf

    How the heck am I supposed to know what some stranger’s “preferred pronouns” are?

  • cambridge student

    Why should the music be stopped just because one person doesn’t like it?

    Seriously, people’s sense of entitlement is absolutely baffling. And of course Georgia wants the DJ and song banned… Utterly ludicrous.

  • BeBe

    These two ladies need to get a grip !
    #byefelicia #shesaidhesaid

  • Jenny from the Block

    I actually quite like the song Blurred Lines. Robin Thicke would definitly get it, if he was asking for it or not. Saying that I can’t listen to “Who Let The Dogs Out” by the Baha Men as it featured on The Rugrat Movie soundtrack, and it always reminds of that time I saw my dog get knocked over because my nan left the back door open. Silly Nan

  • joebob

    pretty sure gay clubs are there to be safe places for gays, not for random drunk liberal arts bitches.

  • Gregg Rodriguez

    This article is a gag article, like from the Onion. Someone is pulling my leg.

  • Dre Mosley

    non-binary, non-gender conforming? Sorry, I’m not gonna invest any time into making sure I’m using the correct labels and pronouns for you people. Get offended if you want. And no, the song should not be banned from the club just because you or another whatever-you-are were raped. There are always these people who want to ruin it for the masses due to their own personal experiences.

    I’m leaning towards siding with the freaking DJ.