The best places to cry in Durham

The time for catharsis has come.

Leading lawyer warns male students never to have sex with drunk girls

Her comments came after a rape case was dropped against one of her clients

Former Durham student sent to prison for sexual assault

Samuel Bunyan has been jailed for 32 months

Durham is getting a brand new Charity Fashion show

Prepare yourselves

A Hatfield student has tragically died on his year abroad

He was on track for a first-class degree

What you’ll be doing if you’re not on Palatinalps

Non-skiers have more fun

Durham university worth £1.1 billion a year to UK economy

For every £1 the university receives in funding, it generates £3.21 for the economy

New figures on sexual violence single out Durham University

Durham had the largest number of recorded rape and sexual assault allegations in the past two years

Boxing Day is the worst day for drunken violence in Durham

Things get out of hand over the festive break

A prisoner has been released by mistake in Durham

He’s probably having a better Christmas than you

Finally, Durham has an officer specifically for sexual assault

It’s the first permanent position of its kind in the country

Caroline Lucas tells Durham: ‘Young people are absolutely critical’

She spoke to us about the importance of youth, accessible education and what she thinks of Durham

DSU’s ugly building is finally going to be demolished

A renovation would cost £14.7 million

Durham’s NUS delegate winners have been announced

It’s likely you didn’t vote