Reducing fees won’t solve the Union’s accessibility problem

The Cambridge Union’s reduced membership fee is a step in the right direction, but its accessibility problem lies deeper than this

Union announces price drop in membership

A lifetime membership will now cost £150, down from £199 previously

You did done diddly DID IT!

Congratulations – you’re coming to Cambridge

Cambridge RAG launch weekly club night

It’ll be held at Life every Monday

Caius PhD student killed in Burkina Faso attack

‘She had so much to offer the world and it is a tragedy for her to be lost so young.’

University attempts to block Spoons expansion

In episode 10 season 25 of ‘no fun allowed’

New ball coming to Cambridge this Michaelmas

The event, which is to promote support for mental health issues, has been endorsed by Richard Curtis

Cambridge’s boycott of National Student Survey is successful

The boycott was organised by the NUS in an attempt to obstruct rises in tuition fees

Eric Monkman and Bobby Seagull get their own radio show

Seamonkey is go

‘Shocking’ gender pay gap persists at Cambridge University

Just 14% of the highest earners are women

Trinity tops it again: Tompkins Table 2017

Where did your college come?

Ex-Girtonian appointed President of the Supreme Court

The first woman to hold the post

It is statistically harder to get on Love Island than into Cambridge

80,000 people applied to Love Island this year

More monkeys being used for animal research at Cambridge

No, it’s not monkey business

Are people seriously angry about Dr Who being female?

Apparently many can’t fathom an alien being a woman

Cambridge cobbles in JEOPARDY

They’re on shaky ground

Revealed: Secret recording shows CUCA members scoffing at burning money in front of homeless

One member interrupted a speech with ‘It should have been a £50 note’, followed by raucous laughter

Now we can finally, definitively reveal THE best bench in Cambridge

If you aren’t excited you should be

REVIEW: Pearly Gates

It’s time to be judged…