Street style: First day of school edition

Because first impressions are important

While our parents might not be here to force us to pose for photos on the first day of school, that doesn’t stop Yalies from expressing their style during shopping period. While some have already resorted to wearing the same t-shirt and Nike shorts we slept in last night, these students dressed to impress.

Rachel Carp, Morse ’19

A simple floral dress can brighten everyone’s day and make us forget that soon we’ll be in the basement of Bass studying for midterms.

Paul Won, Morse ’17

With his Under Armour back and white Nike socks, this athlete keeps it casual without resorting to sweatpants.

John Volquez, Trumbull ’17  and Juliana Fan, Trumbull ’20

The difference between a freshman and a FroCo? One wears a lanyard and cute skirt on the first day, the other wears a free t-shirt from last year.

Maria Balaeskoul, Morse ’20

Lace-up gladiator sandals and cut off jeans. This freshman makes us want summer to never end.

Katharine Wang, Branford ’19 and Jacob Ly, Stiles ’19

This sophomore duo knows how to look good while still being comfy. Jacob chose a classic Yale outfit, wearing Sperry’s and dark Salmon shorts, while Katharine wore an all-black outfit with Birkenstocks.

Katharine topped off her look with a beaded bracelet and Buddha necklace.

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