A definitive list of all the best tailgate trends

What will you be wearing?

Tailgating is a serious matter. Of course, eating, drinking, dancing and cheering on your team (that’s what were here for?) are important, but for girls these days it all seems to come down to the outfit. So long are the days of students wearing a school t-shirt and jeans. Now you will see a whole cast of characters rocking looks that will make you say, “I should’ve worn a better outfit.” These are a few of this tailgate seasons best looks.

The jersey girl

The first trend you might find is the “sporty look.” This girl will be wearing either an oversized jersey or a cropped jersey with cute jean shorts or ripped jeans. Her hair will be in low pigtails (still straightened, of course) or just hanging low.

The wannabe cheerleader

The next look you’ll find is the “cheerleader.” She’ll be wearing a red high waisted cheerleading skirt, a cropped white sconnie tank and white high socks. She will also be rocking the half-up-half-down hairstyle with a red bow in the back of her hair.

The true scon

At every tailgate you’ll also find the girl in the overalls. This girl will be supporting black, white or blue cropped overalls with a badgers bandeau under. If she’s really spirited, she’ll be wearing the classic red and white-stripped overalls. Her hair won’t be done, but don’t worry this is OK – she’s probably more concerned about actually going to the game later than taking Instagram pictures.

The practical one

This consists of jean shorts and a tank accompanied by a big sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt to throw on during the actual game (if you in fact make it). Remember, around 9pm in October it's FRIGID!

The crafty queen

Don't forget about the girl who looks like she's modeling for Project Runway wearing the trendiest handmaid outfit around. This includes tube tops, patched denim dresses, two fabric halters and bandanas doubling as shirts. This girl never seems to Jump Around too much, as her shirt may fly off.

It doesn't matter what you're wearing as long as you're showing off that Badger pride.

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