UW-Madison offers free tuition to first-generation transfers

It’s called the ‘Badger Promise’ program

On Friday UW-Madison's Chancellor, Rebecca Blank, and UW Colleges and Extension Chancellor, Cathy Sandeen, announced free tuition will be provided for qualifying students.

The program will target students who want or need to go to a two year school before being able to transfer to UW-Madison. It is supposed to increase the access to students who come from low-income families in Wisconsin. The program expands on the partnerships UW has with other UW Colleges as well as the Wisconsin Technical colleges.

"All first-generation transfers will receive one year of free tuition. Badger Promise students who are eligible for federal Pell Grants will receive two years of free tuition," UW news said. 139 transfer students are receiving the aid already, this year.

Sandeen was a first-generation college student, so she wanted to propose something she knew could help hundreds of students and give them the opportunity to come to UW-Madison.

University of Wisconsin