This is how many hours UW-Madison students spend studying for finals

We should probably study more to be honest

As the weather heats up, days tick off on our planner toward the finals that we thought would never come. We failed the last three quizzes. Oh god, that paper was due last week.

Most people spend the week before finals cramming all the lectures they skipped, chapters they skimmed, and articles they ignored, but how much time do we actually spend preparing for finals?

The Tab surveyed over 3000 students about their expected study habits for finals based on last semester. The average UW-Madison student spends 8.7 hours a day studying for finals. This number places us in the top 25 for most hours spent studying, falling right behind Minnesota, but ranking higher than other Big 10 schools such as Michigan State, Michigan, Iowa, Penn State, Ohio State, and Rutgers.

Syracuse, the top ranked school, spends about 13 hours a day studying, which is 4.3 more hours than Wisconsin students, but Wisco students spend 4.9 more hours studying than the lowest ranked school, West Virginia.

So, UW-Madison students next time you’re crying in college library, or trying to keep your eyes open while drinking copious amounts of coffee remember, you’re probably going to do better on your finals than most of your Big 10 counterparts.

The hours of cramming vary based on your declared major. Architecture, Chemistry, and Engineering took the top three spots, while Physical Education, Liberal Arts, and Zoology seem to either be more prepared or less worried on average. You might be surprised to see the majors that fall in between. The numbers represent average hours that each major intend on studying.

Even though no one is escaping the 4 hour mark, your major might get you out of some all-nighters come May. Good luck, Badgers! May the grades be ever in your favor!

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