How to nail a girls’ day in Madison

Grab your girl squad and hit the town

One thing I love about Madison is there is so much to do. I love dedicating a nice fall Saturday to roaming around the city with my friends. What I like even better is spending the day with my girl friends. I’ve seen plenty of posts on what to do for dates in this college town, but I’d like to highlight the best things to do in Madison with your girl squad.

First step: Brunch

I am so extremely passionate about brunch, and probably it’s biggest advocate. My go-to’s are: Bassett Street Brunch Club – they have the yummiest alcoholic beverages to wake you up, or even just a freshly-made donut will do the trick. Another good place is Short Stack Eatery – the atmosphere is so hip and cozy, you’ll never want to leave. Finally, Sunroom Cafe is a good choice if you want to enjoy a nice view of State Street and like to spend a little less money.

Galentines Day at Short Stack for the win

Galentines Day at Short Stack for the win

Second step: State Street

State Street stretches on for days and has so many options for stores whether it be cute boutiques, ice cream, coffee, or a plethora of places to get Badger gear. I recommend starting on one side of the street going into whatever catches your eye (Urban, Earthbound, and Madison Market Place are my favorites). Once you reach the Capitol take a break to take in the view and smell that fresh fall air, and then turn around and head back down the other side of the street. Before you finish your journey I’d vote for getting ice cream from Chocolate Shoppe or a cup of coffee from your favorite cafe.

Third step: The Terrace

You just walked a lot, so you need to take a break. Grab a terrace chair, sit facing the lake, and enjoy your ice cream or coffee in the fresh autumn air. It’s a great place to sit in silence or talk more with friends. It’s also filled with dogs. Everyone likes dogs. Go watch and cry about how you don’t have one and have to live vicariously through other dog owners.

peep that Capitol

peep that Capitol

Fourth step: Lakeshore Path

It’s a lot of walking, I know, but it’s good for you, and Lakeshore Path is too beautiful to pass up. The lake and fall trees are an incredible scene and you can reminisce on your freshman year if you lived in Lakeshore. If you’re feeling up to it, walk or bike to Picnic Point for even more great scenery. The Capitol looks great across the lake and would make a great cover photo 😉

Fifth step: Home

Retreat back to someone’s apartment for dinner and movies. Nothing beats hanging out together, and chilling on the couch with a good movie. Relaxing is necessary after a long day and you deserve it!

Hopefully this gives you some ideas of what to fill your Saturday and Sunday with. There are so many other options both on and off campus, so if this doesn’t float your boat, you can always try something else! Madison is the best college town, so go out and experience it rather than sitting at home all day. Who better to experience it with than your besties?

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