UW-Madison student Liv Schreiber talks passion and fashion

Who’s that girl? It’s Liv

One of my favorite things in life is seeing what makes people tick. Watching people find their passion and acknowledging how unique everyone’s passions are. As a fun loving, New Jersey native living in Madison owning her personal brand and (literally) owning two product brands–Liv Schreiber radiates passion. She knows what she loves and has a unique way of thinking about it.


























I met Liv roughly a year ago when I was assigned a photoshoot for Moda Magazine. Between her high energy hug, welcoming attitude and her exclaiming of “I’m a nudist” while whipping through quick changes on the top of Bascom Hill, I understood this girl was special.

As a friend of Liv’s, I keep tabs on her what’s ups and whereabouts. We continue to battle countless rounds of phone tag and last minute cancellations, so I’ve concluded she does not slow down. This Summer in NYC, she was debuting her Latico by Liv handbag collection at a pop up shop. Today, she’s nearing the launch of her Darty Laundry game day themed apparel line.

Liv is a people person, constantly interacting and connecting with others. Whether that’s in her downtime catching up with friends and family in her inner circle, or the reason she now calls Madison her home. Having gone to a private school on the East Coast, Liv claims”Midwest people are awesome!” and appreciates the unmatched school spirit that UW offers; which has inspired her Darty Laundry collection.

Sneak Peek of “U WISC” and 53706 Darty Laundry Tops.

Liv was awarded an Entrepreneurial Residential Learning Community grant to jumpstart the clothing line. Wearing this clothing, especially the “U WISC” top makes Liv feel confident and she wants to share that feeling with all of us lucky Badgers.

When she isn’t cheering on the Badgers at a Darty herself, you can catch Liv exploring a restaurant down on State Street or checking out a a workout class like BarreAmped Bootcamp “shoutout to instructor Katie!” Liv loves running, Zumba, the outdoors, and all things body-minded.

Inspiration from living in Barcelona this summer has transitioned her thinking from Western practices, waiting for a problem to arise until we fix it, to listening to her body and appreciating Chinese practices, healing the body every day. With the great world in mind Liv cherishes and transpires a quote from Rachel Carson “There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature– the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.” She’d also 10/10 recommend  you try a Lemon Ginger juice from Forage or an acupuncture session next time you’re not physically feeling 100 percent.

I asked Liv, if she has any advice to offer to others looking to find their passion. She responded by challenging the stigma of finding your one true passion.

“My advice to people looking to find their passion is that

  1. There can be more than one passion
  2. Your passion(s) may and can change over time
  3. Start by exploring and interning and researching. Find out what you don’t like. Take on more of what you do like. Listen to others. Be open to opportunity. Try new things

I think that the advice take away is to (Liv)e everything.”

And living everything is what she does. She does it all, and does it all passionately!

This spunky, sassy, zumba instructing, big hearted, statement making, dream chasing, instagram queen from New Jersey is going to reach great heights.

Keep being  you, Liv.

 Make sure to check out Darty Laundry on October 27th at Sellery Hall! Snag some rad apparel for the next game day! 

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