The best things to do in Williamsburg, VA in the Fall

Hallowscream and Cider before anyone else

If you’ve ever been around campus in the Fall, there is no denying that Williamsburg becomes quite pretty.

Now that October is beginning and the air is starting to cool, there are a couple of activities most William and Mary students love to take part in during the fall.

There is no doubt that Fall is one of the best times to be on campus. It’s absolutely beautiful and there are a lot of seasonal activities that take place during the Autumn months. Be sure to check some of these out this season.

Colonial Williamsburg is great in Fall

The trees along Dog Street start to melt into different shades of orange and gold. You are likely to see college students walking up and down Dog Street with mugs of hot apple cider in their hands and smiles on their faces. “Cider runs,” as they are dubbed by students, are an unofficial William and Mary tradition. They are most popular during October and November, and the cider is comforting and warm.


Hallowscream at Busch Gardens is great for everyone who likes a scare

From late September until the end of October, Busch Gardens turns into a Halloween wonderland, if you will. Many areas of the park are transformed into haunted houses and all sorts of scary creatures wander around once the sun goes down. If you like scary movies, or the general atmosphere of Halloween, definitely check it out.


Drive along the Colonial Parkway

Fall is the time to do it. The Colonial Parkway is a road that leads from Jamestown to Yorktown, along the James River. The views there are beautiful any time of the year, but especially during the Fall. The trees along the Parkway turn all different shades of yellow, orange, and red. With the James River to one side, and the colorful trees in front of you, it pretty beautiful. img_6964

Kayaking on Lake Motoaka is beautiful

The forest surrounding the lake becomes breathtaking as the leaves begin to change. Students enjoy kayaking through the watery stillness of Matoaka and enjoy the views around them. It is a great destressing activity especially during midterms season.

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