Meet Sarah King, this week’s ‘single Deac of the week’

We’re featuring a different student each week leading up to Valentine’s Day

Every week leading up to Valentine’s Day, The Tab Wake Forest is featuring a “single Deac of the week” in the hopes these single students find that special someone.

This week, meet senior communication major and entrepreneurship minor, Sarah King.

Where are you from?

High Point, NC, or as I like to call it – High Pointless. Okay, so it’s really not a bad place to live, but it’s just a place you love to hate.

It’s Friday night. What are you doing?

If I can help it, I’m at a concert. Live music is my drug of choice. Whether it’s seeing some friends play at a local bar or going to a stadium sized tour, concerts are where I’m happiest.

Where is your favorite place to study on campus?

I’m mostly a room studier, but if I do study outside my apartment it’s most likely in my second home – Benson.

What is your drunk order at Cook Out?

I can honestly say that I’ve never done a drunk Cook Out order…maybe I’ve been doing college wrong? Oops. My go-to sober order though is a tray with a Cook Out style burger, fries, onion rings and Cheerwine, duh. If I go for just a milkshake, it’s gotta be Oreo cheesecake.

Do you prefer campus grounds or Starbucks?

I prefer the coffee and atmosphere of Campus Grounds, but I usually end up at Starbucks just because I can use food dollars. My mom once told me that I spend all my money on coffee and concerts – and she’s not wrong – so, while I’m here I’ve adapted to drinking Starbucks to save my “real money” where I can.

What’s your favorite off campus restaurant?

There are so many good places to choose from, so this is a tough one. I’ve got to go with TJ’s Deli over on Country Club Rd. Both of my parents went to Wake way back when and TJ’s used to be the spot they hung out with their friends. We still eat there as a family a lot, so I have a lot of good memories there to go along with the great food. The Cham is a life changer. That’s right – CHAM – it’s a chicken and ham sandwich, and it’s all kinds of delicious.

Does pineapple go on pizza?

I wouldn’t choose pineapple as a topping. I’m also not one to turn down pizza of any kind, so I’d eat pineapple on pizza if you gave it to me.

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