I toured a WFU fraternity house in the daytime

You probably haven’t seen one with the lights on

We’ve all seen our fair share of fraternity houses in the dark after 11pm, but have you ever seen one during the day? It’s hard to believe in the state we often see these houses in that people actually live there.

Maybe it doesn’t even cross your mind. But I was curious. What does it look like when the sun comes up? I decided to take a look.

I pull up in my own car, at my own free will. I walk through the grass and up the path that leads to the front door. I don’t think I’ve ever entered the house this way before.


I walk in. The floor is lined with an ornate rug. It looks like one of those expensive oriental rugs my mom has in our living room. It must be a hand-me-down from some parent who lost taste for it.



The dining room. I’ve never been here for more than a few minutes mingling as I wait in line for the bathroom. Who knew you could actually fit a dining table in here? Wait…is that a fruit bowl?


Speaking of the bathroom… there’s soap! And toilet paper! What is this?



Through the dining room is the kitchen. I’ve never seen it so up close. There’s usually a bar barricading the entrance.


Probably because they’re hiding their coffee and potatoes.


And their spices. Don’t forget about the spices.


So while these boys are eating their spiced up potatoes and Keurig coffee, you’d think they’d pop a squat on the couch and watch the game, right?


Apparently not in this house. There’s no TV in this living room.

But there is a piano. You know, for all those late night serenades. Or solo concertos. Let’s be honest, it’s probably just the concertos.


I know what you’re thinking. Two floors? I want to live off-campus so I can have a basement, too. Nah. These boys don’t step foot in their basements for longer than you do.



Unless they’re doing laundry.


Yep. That’s a Solo cup.

Wake Forest