VT named as one of the top 30 colleges for your money

‘Virginia Tech is a leader in using technology to teach – and have fun’

Virginia Tech has been recognized for a lot of things– best food, best quality of life, fittest campus — and it’s just been recognized for another great reason to be a Hokie.

TIME’s MONEY named Virginia Tech as one of the top 30 colleges worth the money. Evaluation of the 711 colleges ranked involved looking at several factors centering around quality of education, affordability, and outcomes.

The tuition for 2017-2018 without financial aid is estimated around $26,200. For students who receive grants it is estimated around $19,900 and low-income students’ estimated tuition lies around $12,700.

Student review on Niche.com

Student review on Niche.com

The outcome is where things get interesting though.

At an 84 percent graduation rate with the typical time to a degree at 4.3 years, Virginia Tech is looking pretty good. Within five years of graduation, Hokie alumni make an average of $57,400. On top of that, 48 percent of low-income Hokies will become members of the upper-middle class.

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