TOTS is the Blacksburg bar you are most likely to meet your significant other in

I’m sure the rails have nothing to do with it

Finding your “person” in college can be tough but it seems like there’s an epidemic of couples on campus. And us singletons are left wondering- where on earth did you meet this person so I can take my behind there and fall in love too?

So, to answer this question, The Tab Virginia Tech put out a survey to see where most Hokies met their significant others.

Was it in class? In the dorms? On a dating app, social media, in a bar?

It probably won’t come as a surprise but the survey showed that the best pace to meet someone is in a bar.

Which bar you ask?

None other than the ratchetly fabulous TOTS!

60 percent of the respondents who said they met at a bar, met at TOTS.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 24 percent of Virginia Tech couples met in class
  • 20 percent met in the dorms
  • 14 percent met on dating apps
  • 14 percent met on social media

If love is what you seek, TOTS is the place to go.

Virginia Tech