VT ranked within 100 best colleges for sports lovers

But where did we rank is the question

We don’t need to read the college rankings to know that Virginia Tech is the place to go for sports, but sometimes it’s nice to have the reassurance.

Recently, an article from Money ranked the 100 best colleges for sports lovers. Their ranking took into account more than just sports stats.

They first looked at their annual 100 best colleges in the country based on affordability, academic excellences, and career outcomes. We were number 18 on that list, coming behind the Ivies like Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Harvard, etc. Not too shabby, Tech.

Next, Money analyzed the percentage of athlete opportunities and fan experience (we should be #1 for fan experience alone). After putting the three factors together, they created the list.

Where did the Hokies fall? 58th.

58th…on a list of best sports colleges…coming behind UVA who were 5th on the list.

One would think that a school with nauseating intense school spirit, ridiculous revenue numbers from sports games, and a team for basically every sport created would have ranked a little bit higher. At least above UVA.

Don’t you think?

Virginia Tech