These texts make it official: Villanova boys are the least romantic guys on earth

You’ll meet your husband at Villanova, they said…

It’s Valentine’s Day, and of course every chick that’s single is either playing it cool and owning her #girlpower, or perhaps she is preparing to receive flowers from “a secret admirer” (aka sent to herself for herself, by herself). Whether it’s the former or the latter, we can all agree to disagree that the majority of Villanova boys are the GOAT.

We asked Villanova girls about the most absurd text messages they’ve received from Villanova guys. When one of our friends told us she had received a handwritten letter signed “your friend (with benefits),” we knew we had a gold mine on our hands.

Not only are they charming and totally logical, but they really come at the best times too (aka past midnight).

Villanova boys are extremely romantic, but don’t take it from us, check out these text messages shared with us by Villanova girls:

Its always nice to know we have something to do when we get tired of sleeping:

And we love when boys go that extra mile:

That text that makes your heart soar… seriously butterflies in your stomach material:

The comedian who just has you swooning:

When Prince Charming beckons (yeah, we want to punch him too):

Don’t you love when a guy is considerate of your friends:

This guy doesn’t get your hopes up at all:

We love when you put our needs first:

This kind guy actually gave out his “business card” to girls he thought were “magestic”:

 That charmer with the rock solid logic:

Single girls, maybe it’s not such a bad thing that you’re flying solo this Valentine’s Day (you medium-key dodged a bullet).

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