Villanova University student decides not to press charges after racial assault

They shouted ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’ as they pushed her over

The Villanova student who was racially assaulted in a post-election incident on November 11th has halted the investigation.

According to, the Radnor police reported that the victim is asking police to cease their investigation pending further evidence.

“She has been very appreciative of everything Radnor police have done,” Lt. Andy Block said but, “The victim in this case has informed Radnor police that at this time she does not wish to pursue this matter any further.”

The alleged assault occurred on the night of November 10th in a SEPTA tunnel that connects the main campus and west campus of the University. It is stated that a group of white males were yelling “Trump, Trump, Trump,” amongst other racial rhetoric, towards the student. Then, the group allegedly walked toward the student and pushed her, causing her to fall to the ground where she struck her head.


The Villanova administration has taken this attack seriously and since has attempted to break the silence by encouraging healthy dialogue on campus concerning racial issues and any sentiments post- election. Villanova spokesman Jonathan Gust has said, “As with any investigation, if the university finds an individual or individuals were responsible for wrongdoing, we would hold them accountable at the university level.”

As of now, the supposed perpetrators have not been identified and the victim has remained anonymous. “We’re going to keep a case file on it. If she changes her mind, we’ll absolutely investigate it,” stated Block.

Villanova University