The ultimate Villanova Thanksgiving drinking game

It’s time to get lit

As we anticipate Thanksgiving, we’re really really excited. The thought of leaving the anxieties of school behind us, only to go home to our warm beds and families is making everyone count down the days until turkey day rolls around.

The thought of sitting around the table with my family and sharing our Thanksgiving dinner is enough to keep me going for the next week or so, but I can’t help but to think about the dreaded aspect of the holiday: the interrogations from my family. How am I going to get through my grandma asking me if I have a boyfriend, or my uncle questioning my major?

Alcohol, that’s how. Here’s the perfect drinking game you can play by yourself as you sit in the corner and avoid all of your family members’ questions.

Every time someone mentions the basketball team’s win, take a sip

Even though you’ve told them where you were, what you were wearing and how it was the best moment of your life, your uncle continues to ask you every detail from that night. His questions will be more entertaining after each sip.


Whenever you hear someone question whether Villanova has the ability to win it all again, take three more sips

Yes, I did hear about Duke’s recruits and how amazing they are, but let’s not forget how Villanova was underestimated last year too. For now, all we can do is wait and watch Villanova prove everyone wrong once again.


When your aunt talks about how she met your uncle in college and they fell in love while subtly trying to interrogate you about your love life, take a shot

Shots are the only way to get through the catastrophe of a conversation.

If someone mentions the Business School’s #1 ranking, even if they fully well know that you’re not in the Business School, fill your glass

This way, you’ll have that “the glass is always half full” mentality that business people are always talking about.


Someone asking you, “What are you gonna do with your degree?” deserves a glass of wine

Sipping a nice glass of wine would be a nice, calming way to talk your way through this annoying, stressful question.

If you hear anyone start to question you about the summer internship/job that you don’t have yet or haven’t started looking for yet, take five sips

Yes, I’m definitely excited to start the cycle of spending my summers working instead of sleeping in and going to the beach multiple times a week. I encourage you to keep questioning me about it.

Every time any family member starts telling you why their current school/alma malter is better than Villanova, take two sips

It’s so obvious that they’re wrong, but drink for it anyway.

A ton of Villanovans have legacy in their family. If this family member starts talking about their glory days at Nova and comparing them to yours, drink half your glass

Family stories are much better when you have a little bit of a buzz, right?

If your family asks if you go to church as much as they expect you to go, take two sips and shamefully hang your head

It just so happens that every week, when you save all of your homework until 8pm, it makes it hard to walk to the chapel.


Any time you’re asked if this semester was stressful, laugh and take a sip

College isn’t stressful, at all.

If asked if you love your school, smile and say yes while confidently finishing your drink

Of course you love Villanova, so finish your drink and have your own little celebration.


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