BREAKING: Mendel Hall evacuated… and then reoccupied

After reports of a strong gas odor

Mendel Hall is currently being evacuated due to a gas odor.

The science building began evacuation around 3pm this afternoon.

It has since been cleared by the fire department and reoccupied.

The university security alerts sent a message to all Villanova students explaining that the building is being evacuated. It read: “An evacuation of Mendel Hall is occurring sue to a gas odor…Please stay out the building.”

Since, the university have contacted the fire department.

The evacuation as seen from the library

The evacuation as seen from the library

One student, who watched the evacuation from the library told The Tab: “I heard the alarms go off, then saw the Nova Alert on my phone. A bunch of students in lab coats spilled out of the building but were eventually asked to move.”

Another student, Alex Rigley said: “There was smoke and a gas leak. My class today in Mendel got cancelled and we got assigned a new room for the rest of the semester.”

As well as this evacuation, there was apparently also a fire in the roof of Mendel last night.

Reporting last night events, Lexi, a senior told The Tab: “According to one staff member working in Mendel, last nights fire began on the roof of the building.

“The fire occurred on the right side of the building. Associate director of public safety, David Tedjeske showed up on the scene promptly to escort students and faculty from the building.”

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