16th annual Lighting of the Lawn is tomorrow

Pavilions VIII and X will serve food and warm beverages

UVA’s “Lighting of the Lawn” is here once more. On Dec. 1 from 7 to 10 p.m., The Lawn will be alive with activity. So even though it will be chilly outside, it’s definitely worth bearing the cold.

It’s just a UVA thing. 

A tradition that was started in order to bring the Charlottesville community together, Lighting of the Lawn began 16 years ago and turned into an annual tradition that has been kept by students, faculty and staff ever since. It not only is a great study break, but it brings the community together one last time before finals and the conclusion of the semester. Besides that, for those who love Christmas, seeing the Rotunda flash bright with lights can really bring on the Christmas spirit.


Why go?

If the thought of the Rotunda flashing bright with lights isn’t motivation enough, Lighting of the Lawn will have tons of stage performances including A Capella, dance and poetry. The Lighting of the Lawn Committee recently sent out a newsletter saying that Pavilions VIII and X will both be open to everyone and will serve food and warm drinks to welcome students and other members of the community. There will definitely be a time that everyone will sing the Good Old Song, and besides the lights that will shine from the Rotunda there are usually some other forms of light entertainment such as glow sticks which students throw around all over The Lawn.

It’s a great way to socialize and get out with some friends before exam madness and everyone deserves a break.

No scaffolding this year!

No scaffolding this year!

But come prepared.

Since this is a 3 hour event and it the low for Thursday is 36 degrees, make sure to dress warm. If you’re cold for three hours a really fun event can become miserable. Also, prepare for a huge mass of students. While this isn’t a bad thing, you might want to show up a little earlier than 7 if you want to get a spot in the front and don’t have to deal with the pushing crowds in the back. Most importantly, come ready to have fun! It sounds corny but once the Rotunda is lit up the entire Lawn is brilliant and beautiful.

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