Street Style: Denim for days

Don’t let the cold stop you!

With Christmas around the corner, the weather is getting colder and colder by the day. Don’t let this deter you – man or woman – from wearing your street shirts and denims. Before the temperature gets you, enjoy the weather by styling up with your favorite shirts, denims and sweatshirts.

Kiran – Second Year, Foreign Affairs


Style yourself with denim shirt and striped t-shirt with casual Nike cap and all black pants and shoes with a gold necklace as a point.

India – Second Year, American Studies


With the same denim point, style yourself up differently with distressed jeans and sunglasses.

Ian – Third Year year, Popular and Visual culture


With lightly washed jeans and tucked in dark green sweatshirt, our friend here doesn’t let traditional color of fall (brown, grey or coffee) take over his style. With rolled up jeans and slightly visible socks, he completes his look exquisitely.

Boyoung – Fourth Year, Comm School


It will be a shame not to mention the icon of F/W: plaids. With your own special item, in this case the highly coveted Comme des Garçons x Supreme shirt, go full street-style with Jordans as the finishing touch.

University of Virginia