How to dress like a UVA girl

Summer/Fall edition

There are certain things you must own and wear religiously if you attend Mr. Jefferson’s great university. To be seen without these articles of clothing is worse than to be seen alone at St. Maartens on a Tuesday night. Of course, in order to fit in and be accepted you must keep these things in mind because how dare there be any individuality in college? What a thought.

Nike or Lululemon or VS Leggings

First up, this is the essential UVA girl staple. You’re not a real human unless you wear leggings 85% of the time. Bonus points for insanely overpriced Lululemons.


Kate Spade or Michael Kors watches

They really are for keeping time it’s not like we have iPhones glued to our hands…


Nike roshes

To go with your Lululemons. Because what else could you wear them with?

White converse

The dirtier they are the more people will think you go out and doesn’t going out ALWAYS = cool?


If you’re not a girl in pearls how can you get a guy in a tie? It also gives the illusion that you’re classy and have your shit together.


Ray Bans

Really sucks when you lose them at that slip and slide darty though.


Comfort Colors and Norts (Nike Shorts)

The staple going to class look. 90% of UVA girls suffer from this epidemic. There is no cure that we know of. Bonus points for a sorority comfort colors T-Shirt that is just ~your favorite~


*This whole article is sarcastic. I, as many girls at UVA, am guilty of wearing the vast majority of these things but don’t be afraid to break out of these norms!!

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