The definitive bucket list of things to do in Austin before you graduate

If you don’t do these things did you even go to UT?

Too often we are told about the amazing activities the city of Austin has to offer, but we place them on the back burner of our mind.

The list of things you “have to” do when in this city starts to get longer and longer until you start to lose track of all the amazing opportunities that are at your disposal.

Here is a bucket list of things you have to do in Austin before you graduate.

Jump in The Littlefield Fountain

Directly in between the UT Tower and the Capitol Building is the Littlefield Fountain. Not only does it provide a beautiful and picturesque additive of the campus, it is also a great place to hop in and take a picture to symbolize the ending of something great.

Go to a UT Football Game

Whether or not you are a football fan, every student at the University of Texas must attend at least one UT football game. Football is a huge part of Texas culture, and experiencing the DKR stadium when it is filled to capacity is like no other feeling of community.

Pull an all-nighter at the PCL

If you did not pull at least one all-nighter at the PCL, did you even go to UT? The Perry Castaneda Library, located on 21st and Speedway is the biggest library on campus. With countless desks and work-space along with designated silent areas, it is a perfect place to be productive – so productive, in fact, you may find yourself never leaving it.

Experience 6th Street

Though 6th street needs no introduction or explanation, it is still an experience you must endure at the very minimum once in your UT experience. Some people may make a justification that even once a week is not enough to truly grasp the epic-ness that is 6th.

Join an Intramural Team

Where you a student athlete in high school? Did you have to give up the sport you truly loved because you started college? Or do you just love the rush of friendly competition? UT offers dozens of leagues of intramural sports that you can participate in. Intramural sports are a good way to have something to look forward to with your friends along with give you the chance to maybe try a sport you never would have had the opportunity to do before.

Spend an afternoon at the Graffiti Park

Located on Baylor Street, just off of Lamar resides Austin’s infamous Graffiti Park at Castle Hill. What is a graffiti park, you may ask? It is exactly what it sounds like: a park solely dedicated for anyone to show off their artistic ability in graffiti. From professional graffiti artists to amateurs who found a spray paint bottle, the park changes every day and provides the photo opportunity of a lifetime.

Go two-stepping

Can you honestly say you had the total college-in-Texas experience without going two-stepping at least once? The answer to that is a big fat no – no you can’t. There are various locations around the city to have an authentic two-stepping experience. Put on your cowboy boots and get on the dance floor.

Shop and eat on South Congress

If you are looking to get a good grasp on the personality of Austin, look no further than South Congress. Along with the numerous food trucks and hole-in-the-wall boutiques, South Congress has amazing shops like Uncommon Objects and Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds.

Let’s not forget on South Congress there is a set up for Austin Pets Alive where you can spend time with some of the cutest rescue puppies around. There are also amazing photo opportunities like the “I Love You So Much” mural on the side of Jo’s Café.

Spend an afternoon at Zilker Park

It is rare to find an open fielded park in the middle of a city – but Austin loves being the exception to the rules. Zilker, home to ACL and the Kite Festival, spans over 350 acres where Austinites are free to lounge, do recreational sports, bring their pets, and more. Spend an afternoon out on the grass and enjoy the relaxation.

Experience Rainey Street

If you are 21-years old and find yourself becoming board with the same old dirty-6th routine, you could try out Rainey Street. A street full of old house-turned into bars, Rainey is a great place to have a casual drink or many drinks. Places like Bangers on Rainey are also a prime place to brunch on a sunny afternoon.

Go to Austin City Limits

Once a year for two weekends, Austin City Limits graces the city with incredible performances and unforgettable moments. Tickets start at $250 for a weekend of today’s most popular artists to indie performers who are destined to succeed. Spend a weekend with your friends at Zilker to enjoy the music, food, and vibes that ACL has to offer.

Eat Roppolo’s at 2am

6th street has a lot of amazing aspects to it, but none as delicious as Roppolo’s pizza. Starting at $4 a slice, Roppolo’s has an assortment of tasty flavors that just so happen to be more delicious when consumed after a night at the bars.

Take a pedicab home from Downtown

We see them everywhere, but have you actually tested out what it is like to be driven in a pedicab? Give the hard working cyclists your business as you feel like Cinderella being carted around in your pumpkin carriage – even if it’s just to take it from one bar to the next.

Go paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake

With nearly always perfect weather in Austin, you would be doing a disservice to your city if you didn’t set sail on a paddle board at least once. Ranging from $15-30, you have no excuse but to put your balance to the test and try it out. If you want to step it up a notch even further, try paddle boarding yoga, which is also offered on Lady Bird Lake.

Watch the bats fly

Though the blood sucking creatures may only remind you of Edward Cullen or the Salvatore Brothers, Austin is a huge advocate in watching and appreciating bats. Every summer night, hundreds of people gather around the Congress Avenue Bat Bridge to watch as 1.5 million bats fly around.

Experience SXSW

Every year the city of Austin shuts down completely for an entire week as SXSW takes over. Falling on UT student’s spring break, South-By provides entertainment of film, interactive media, and music festivals along with interactive conferences. Many of the events put on by South-By are free, while the purchasing of a pass can allow you entrance to more exclusive events with a wide range of celebrities.

Eat at as many food trucks as possible

It is hard to go anywhere in Austin without running into a food truck. From Barbecue, to Ice Cream, to Doughnuts, to Frozen Bananas, to Pizza – the choices of food are endless.

Enjoy the Kite Festival

One of Austin’s most widely known annual events, the ABC Kite Festival falls on the first Sunday of March. It is a free event where people bring their kites and fly them high at Zilker Park. Don’t have a kite? No problem! Many people go to the festival just to enjoy the view.

Hike Mount Bonnell

The hike only consists of walking up a flight of stairs, but the view is amazing. If you are able to go to Mount Bonnell as the sun is setting, it will create the perfect romantic evening. Bring your pet or a picnic basket and make yourself comfortable, because the view of Lake Austin is breath taking.

Conquer the Panic Room

If you and your friends are bored one day, you should try out the Austin Panic Room. The facilities set up a fun game of twists and turns as you and your friends need to put your minds together to figure out how to escape the room you’re locked in. Do you think you can solve the puzzle? If you do, you and your friends will get your picture put on the wall of fame.

See a movie at Alamo Drafthouse

Anyone can go to a theater to see the latest movies – but not everyone has the opportunity to experience movie going in a place like Alamo Drafthouse. Not only does Alamo play the most recently released films, they also play oldies and themed films as well. When you are there, feel free to take advantage of this long menu of simply delicious food that attendees will bring to you throughout the film.

Stand in line for Franklin’s BBQ

If you haven’t yet experienced the long line for Franklin’s BBQ, you have probably at least heard about it. Texans love barbecue and Franklin’s is one of the best. Get yourself together with a group of friends and stand in the torturous line – the payoff in the end will be a full stomach and a huge bag of leftovers.

Visit the Cathedral of Junk

Do you believe in keeping Austin Weird? Go down to the Cathedral of Junk were an artist transformed massive amount of trash into a fantastical experience. It is like no other cathedral in the world. Sit on the throne of trash and feel empowered by Austin’s weirdness.

Have a study date at Mozart’s

Not only does Mozart’s have the prime location on the Lake, but it also sets the perfect ambiance for a study date. With delicious coffee and sweet treats to choose from, it will provide the perfect dosage of caffeine while providing relaxation through its laid-back environment. A great time to go to Mozart’s is during the winter when they have nightly light shows.

Go on a Deep Eddy’s Distillery Tour

You may associate Deep Eddy’s Vodka with poor decisions and horrible hangovers, but were you aware that it is made in Austin? For around $30 you can take a tour at the Deep Eddy’s Distillery to try out their latest flavors and spend an afternoon on the beautiful estate. There are buses to the distillery that will pick you up from downtown, so don’t be afraid to have a drink or two – especially because the first one is complimentary.

Eat at Torchy’s

Torchy’s may not be unique to Austin, but it is definitely loved by Austinites and UT students. Torchy’s Tacos have a long menu of any type of taco you could desire, along with a secret menu to assured deliciousness. If you don’t take our word on it, rapper G-Eazy along with President Barrack Obama were both seen ordering Torchy’s.

Take a cliche Hook ‘Em picture in front of the Tower

A true symbol of success and hard work at the University of Texas is the UT tower. At 307 feet and in the heart of campus, the tower is a constant reminder of the accomplishments of UT students. In order to truly solidify your hard work of four years at the university, it is imperative to stand in front of the tower, hold up your hook ‘em hand, and be proud of all you have done throughout your college career.

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