In defense of my major: Radio, Television, and Film

What starts here changes the world

Too often there are preconceived notions across the University of Texas campus when it comes to people’s majors. It always seems to be one of the first questions anyone asks upon introduction, and it then continues to be in the back of their mind as they interact with you and assess your level of busyness.

When setting off to the library, there is always the smallest hint of judgment in someone’s voice when they ask a communications major what homework they have to be done. I am a Radio, Television, and Film major and have dealt with these judgments for the past four years.

Though I understand I am not going to be a doctor or a wizard when it comes to math, I am still a student at the University of Texas who is trying to fulfill her dreams in the creative arts.

Through my early life of schooling, I never got the opportunity to practice the skill that I found inherent to me until I came to UT and was able to not only practice my love of radio, television, and film but I was able to improve upon my skills for the first time. Unlike many studies, it is rare if not impossible to learn about the art of RTF before reaching the university level which makes the competitive application process to get into the major at UT require outside work and self-teaching.

An assumption that happens too often is that going the route of communications is the easy way to get your degree, but the process to get into UT alone is extremely difficult. No unintelligent students get admitted into the University of Texas and no student should be treated otherwise because the way their thought process works may be different from another student.

When comparing the work of an RTF major to one of biology or business, there are clear differences. Though one could be considered “harder”, it is comparing apples to oranges. The studies are different in a way that they are nearly impossible to be compared. Some people enjoy doing lab reports and working on experiments, I enjoy writing screenplays and learning the technical functions behind cinema. They are different, and neither one is better or worse than the other.

The Radio, Television, and Film program at the Moody College of Communications is one of the most sought out programs in the entire country. The program provides students with the opportunity to learn both the technical and content side of the entertainment world.

Students are allowed to bounce around classes from production to direction to writing to editing and everything in between. I have had the honor to work with some of the most intelligent, talented, and successful professors while also building a network with my fellow students who have all chosen a different path within this field to excel in. With the various outlets available to me, I have been able to test and choose the skills I enjoy to do and have found my niche within a vast list of options.

I have yet to come across a person in my life who has ever admitted to not enjoying films or television shows. Yes, some people are too busy to dedicate themselves to an entire series on Netflix and yes, two hours is a long time to set aside in the day to watch an entire film, but a person who does not enjoy some form of entertainment has yet to cross my path.

Everyone finds their enjoyment through escapism when it comes to watching or listening to something created by radio, television, film majors. People find their solace in different places, and I found mine in knowing that the content I will be working to making will bring someone joy and relaxation from what might be their chaotic and busy lives.

The content I will help create will be someone’s source of calming so they can spend a few hours to rejuvenate and reenergize themselves. The content I will help create may be enough to inspire someone and change their lives and motivations much like film did for me.

Wes Anderson, a UT Austin Alum

As a graduating senior at the University of Texas with a major in Radio, Television, and Film I can truly say that I found where I am supposed to be. I have always had a knack for cinematic arts and my school has provided me with the opportunity to use my skills to find my passion.

My thought process is different from other students when it comes to technicality, but still important in the same. The world needs Radio, Television, Film majors in order to create the media outlets that every person is in need of and the University of Texas is prepping the best of the best for this.

What starts here changes the world.

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