Cutest pets on campus: Meet Lulu

It’s a pug’s life

Welcome to the cutest pets on campus.

Each week, we’ll be profiling UT’s furriest – so if you want your pet featured, message our Facebook page.

This week, meet Lulu the Pug.

She lives off campus with her owner, Celest.

Name: Lulu

NicknamesLoozles, Lu, Lulu Bear, World’s Greatest Little Spoon

Gender: Female

Age: 1 year and 5 months young

BFF: Leia the Chug

Her color coordination is on point.

Exhibit A

She even matches her tongue color

Exhibit B

Hobbies include:

Dressing nicer than the average human (seriously, I want her closet):

I can barely get myself to put on pants in the morning and she looks this stylish on a rainy day no less

Associating with others that are sartorially inclined:

Lulu & Leia

Being bootylicious:

She got a donk

Practicing her tongue exercises:

my whole body is less flexible than her tongue

…and showing her Texan pride:

But seriously, I’m convinced she’s my spirit animal.

we have a mutual love for beds

food excites us

And on some days, we literally can’t even

If you want to see more of her adventures, give her a follow @lulutakesaustin!

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