Cutest pets on campus: Meet Nugget

He is the perfect combination of majestic and fluffy

Welcome to the cutest pets on campus.

Each week, we’ll be profiling UT’s furriest – so if you want your pet featured, message our Facebook page.

This week, meet Nugget the Ragdoll.

He lives in South Campus with his owner, Chandler.

Name: Nugget

Nicknames: Nuggy, Nugbug

Gender: Male

Age: Two years old (turning three on June 26th!)

Hobbies include:

Waiting for his automatic food dispenser to go off, waking his owner up by dropping his toys on her head, going on walks, finding ways to get rubs, being majestic af

Likes: The crinkle of cellophane wrappers, cuddles, people, leashes, his family

Dislikes: baths (but they’re a necessity as he’s accident prone), car trips (will run and hide if he sees you packing)

When asked about his relationship status, his owner replied “No girlfriend, he’s probably gay.”

No worries, Nugget is single and ready to mingle.

I mean, who could resist this?

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