The rise of the dad hat

Fashion duds rejoice

The hottest item on the streets today doesn’t require you to break the bank or carefully study fashion magazines. In fact, it may just be sitting in your closet right now.

Introducing the dad hat.

Mason Lynaugh, 20, UT Sophomore – BHP & MIS, making that pink pop

Dad hats are actually just baseball caps renamed in spirit of the latest normcore trend.

That’s right. The lame hat you refused to wear as snapbacks rolled onto the scene (and subsequently left your dad to wear when he mows the lawn) has become a fashionista’s must-have.

busy but beautiful year thank you

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Whether it’s your beat up Longhorns cap or Yankees hat you bought on impulse during your New York trip, dad hats are ready to fill all your fashion needs.

The true beauty of wearing a dad hat is not the dapper ensemble look you get from carefully picking out your outfit, but rather the unpretentious, “I don’t know what I’m doing” look which, in this day and age, is considered fashionable.

Jeff Maqui (left), 19, UT Finance sophomore – black on black & white – rocking a hat by PALACE

Celebrities are spearheading the dad hat trend as well. Some notable dad hat fans include Drake, Kylie Jenner, and Ian Connor, so we already know this is one trend that’s going to stay.


A photo posted by Ian Connor (@ianconnorsrevenge) on Aug 27, 2015 at 12:43pm PDT

So how do you properly rock a dad hat?

One rule: keep it simple. When it comes to dad hats, the more average-looking the better.

Mason Lynaugh, 20, UT sophomore – BHP & MIS, putting in work

Personally, my favorite dad hat combo consists of a plain sweatshirt, pin-rolled jeans, and Adidas Superstar sneakers with the hat just perched atop.

Just remember, the key is not to create a coherent look, but to look as if you literally give zero fucks.

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