If PAC-12 schools were Game of Thrones houses

Who’s the best of the PAC?


This one seems like a no-brainer: from the cardinal and gold colors to the spoiled rich kid mentality. USC has a long, successful history in their state-of-the-art castle, and they won’t let you forget it. The Trojans have the clever mind of Cersei, the football/army power of Jamie, and the drinking habit of Tyrion.

Wealth, power, arrogance that keeps fighting on.


Just like Dorne, ASU’s campus is situated in the middle of a hot, sandy desert.

While they may be in control of their little ecosystem, they seem to run into difficulty when they venture north. And of course the Sun Devils would sit at Sunspear.


The most pious of the bunch, Utah is mostly known for their Mormon way of life. Seven aspects of one God, seven wives for one man… pretty similar ideologies here.


OK, hear me out. Both Cal and Dany are causes of much controversy shaking up their respective countries right now.

Whether it's the freeing of slaves on a military campaign to lay claim for their “rightful” place on the throne or educating young, progressive minds, both are passionate about their liberating quest to do what they believe is just.

However, they can also go a little crazy and end up doing to opposite of what they originally set out to do (burning down those who won’t bend the knee after a previous merciful tendency, and holding protests to silence those with who they don’t agree on the campus that fought for free speech decades ago). Seems like they both take the whole “fire and blood” thing a little too literally.


Like the Baratheons, Oregon football had a good run going for a while – they dominated the conference from 2009 up until their Rose Bowl victory in 2015. It seemed like their rule was likely to continue, but like the speedy succession from Robert, to Joffrey, and soon after Tommin, they mighty ducks' power had fizzled out. Sorry, but Cersei is sitting on the Iron Throne of the PAC-12 now!


They are the smartest and nerdiest of the PAC, and they sure as hell know it. Among a pile of jocks, these maesters take comfort in the responsibility of being intellectual superiors. They may show up in the classroom, but not so much on the football field… as evident last Saturday.


A noble house for a noble school. They usually remain out of any conflict happening down south and rule their own region. And huskies and dire wolves are basically the same thing, right?


Ah yes, the small, unassuming woodland creatures of the north. Wait, am I talking about Mormonts of Bear Island or the Beavers of Oregon State? Exactly.


I mean, do we need any further explanation?

Release the hounds…


Colorado totally belongs on the Iron Islands…ya know… because they know all about getting stoned. Get it? STONED…like weed. OK, sorry.


You don’t cheer for them to be triumphant, but you don’t necessarily wish for their demise. Like the Tully’s, WSU is just kind of there. Nothing wrong with them, but nothing too special either. #SorryNotSorry

U of A – FREY

They just came to have a good time…usually at the expense of others. They're like that grimy guy who shows up drunk and uninvited to the party and starts a fight with the dude who stole his girlfriend (*cough* Red Wedding *cough*).

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