Even though Nick proposed to Vanessa, Raven was the real winner of The Bachelor season finale

Imagine handling heartbreak with such composure

Last night was the season finale of The Bachelor, and let’s just say things got dramatic. From the opening sequence there were tears, mostly from Vanessa, uncertainty, from Nick and Raven, and sass, also from Vanessa. Right out the gate, it was made clear this was going to be an exciting episode, or at least the footage was cut together to make it look that way.

Cutting to the “live” studio, Chris Harrison tells us what to expect from this three hour episode.

Me when Chris Harrison says that “something so unexpected, something extraordinary, something that has never happened before in Bachelor history will take place right here on this stage. Trust me, you do not want to miss this.” Wow, never heard that one before Chris.

As I watch the beginning, I think to myself, “Why am I watching such garbage reality T.V.?” But as I look at all the women in the crowd of the studio, I remember that I’m not alone in reveling in the train wreck that is Nick’s “quest” to find love. Sitting down with his family, Nick discusses what is to come with them meeting Vanessa and Raven, whom they’ve previously met. Things are pretty standard other than Nick’s mom being overcome with emotion over the idea that her son might be rejected, again.

Best part of the episode thus far is when Bella, Nick’s sister, tells Raven that she hopes Nick picks her, followed by Raven saying she won’t like Vanessa. Shady, but well played. Siblings go a long way, especially with Nick Viall. Along with bonding with his little sister, Raven makes sure to tell all of his family just how much she loves Nick and that she’s ready to get engaged. What more could they want than a girl who is promising not to break Nick’s heart?

Next day Vanessa goes to meet the family and in standard Vanessa fashion: she gets extremely emotional while talking to Nick’s family, cries with his dad (little awkward for everyone to watch), and tells everyone in the family that she doesn’t know if she’s ready to get engaged, therefore confirming his family’s worst fears. That said, once she left his mother criticized Raven for being too eager to get engaged. I don’t understand the Viall family. Do you want Nick to get rejected, or no?

When asked who the audience thought Nick would pick, they overwhelmingly answered Vanessa.

As Nick and Vanessa are on their date with Santa Claus and horses (classic Nick honestly), it becomes clear just how hesitant Vanessa is. It seems to just have hit her that she’s on The Bachelor, a show where she competes with other women for love, because she doesn’t know if she can get over him choosing her over another girl just because he loves her slightly more. I’m sorry to break it to you Vanessa, but you quite literally signed up for this! Where have you been the entire season?

Vanessa should just get a tear drop tattoo, because she cries all the time and she is going to kill Nick with all her drama.

Raven and Nick’s date on a natural ice skating rink made everyone watching swoon, as they skated around kissing. Then Nick goes on to rave to Raven about how much his family loved her, but did they really Nick, considering your mom was trash talking. I’m #TeamBella on this one, because she seems to get that Raven rocks. But Raven and Bella’s adorable conversation being the best part of the episode is topped by Nick carrying out three husky puppies. Best. Date. Ever. They then end the night with Raven confirming her love for him once again and telling him she’s ready. Nick, it doesn’t get much easier than this buddy.

Preparing for the proposal Nick debates which huge, obnoxious engagement ring to pick, Vanessa struggles with the idea that she might have to compromise, boo-hoo Vanessa, and Raven just hopes that Nick picks her to be with. Also, on a side note, Raven looks like she goes to Hogwarts with that black coat/cloak she has over her dress and I’m living for this Ravenclaw, Raven look.

When Raven stepped out of the limo first, my heart dropped for her knowing she was going to walk in only to have her heart crushed. After giving a speech about how much she loves him and is ready, Nick’s hesitation triggers an automatic knowing look to creep onto her face. Raven holds strong as Nick tells her that although he cares for her, he doesn’t know if he’s in love with her. She only sheds a single tear; so although Raven leaves with a broken heart, she keeps her dignity. Raven then breaks down a little more in the car questioning what she could’ve done differently, even though she was perfect the way she was.

Nick’s intake of breath when Vanessa opens the door solidifies how much he loves her, and how nervous he is to propose. Even though Vanessa kind of sucks, as Nick cries to her about his love and as Vanessa cries as he proposes, it’s clear the two of them will live a happy cry-baby life together, aside from their fighting and her stubbornness.

That said, even though Vanessa may have won, the real winner of The Bachelor is Raven for the following reasons.

  1. She stayed cordial, composed, and genuine throughout the entire competition. During the season she was one of the most fun contestants to watch, because she made the most of her time with Nick stress free. Also, she was never rude to other girls, in fact she was encouraging, understanding, and kind. And down to her last moments on the show she remained composed and respectful, with even Nick admitting just how sincere of a person she is.
  2. Despite her loss, she still got to play with husky puppies on her last date with Nick. So…she definitely is the real winner, because puppies > horses.
  3. During the Fantasy Suite, although it was not blatantly confirmed, her happiness the morning after leads viewers to believe she had her first orgasm. Congrats Raven.
  4. She had a better dress than Vanessa on the finale. Yasss girl!
  5. And lastly, she confirmed on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose that she would be on Bachelor in Paradise, which means she gets a free trip to Mexico this summer to drink, party, and get another chance at love.

Because Raven didn’t win, the best part of this season is that Rachel was kicked off, so she gets to be the next Bachelorette. Which they actually started during the After the Final Rose Episode! I guess Chris Harrison did surprise us all in a big way after all!

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